Friday, April 29, 2016

Yogurt Shop Murders

Courtesy Austin Chronicle  Sarah Harbison 15, Amy Ayers 13, Eliza Thomas 17, and Jennifer Harbison 17 

December 9, 1991 Austin, Tx: 

Shortly before midnight on December 9th an Austin police officer responded to a fire call at the I Can't Believe It's Yogurt Shop.  When the fire was extinguished the bodies of four teenage girls were found bound by their own cloths and shot through the head and at least 2 of the girls were raped.  Three of the bodies were piled one on top of the other and the fourth victim, Amy was found a short distance away.  There are a ton of rumors surrounding this case, which I won't go into.   

Over the years there have been multiple arrests and a few convictions but all have been overturned for lack of evidence.  There have been multiple confessions but none have been legitimate.  

This is a case that continues to haunt Austin, the capital of Texas and a college town.  Years have passed but nobody alive during that time has forgotten.  The girls were last confirmed alive around 10 that night when the yogurt shop was closing.  

Oddly, I got off work that night late and passed that shop on my way home.  I spent days afterward trying to remember if I saw anything as I passed the parking lot, to no avail.   I was a 21 year old college student at the time and will forever be haunted by this case and how close it was to my apartment.  The shop was just 5 minutes from where I lived.  

There were patrons in the store who described 2 men who sat at a table and were apparently the last ones in the shop before the shop closed.  Those men have never been identified.  Were they the murders?  What do you think? 

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