Friday, April 8, 2016

G is for...

Grout.  People don't talk a lot about grout you know, much less write about it. 
There is a really good reason why, of course.  Grout is usually nasty, dirty, and disgusting....kind of like the grout above. 

This is my kitchen floor and I am not proud of it.  In fact, it drives me crazy.   There is a lot about the  kitchen that drives me crazy, actually but this floor is on the list.  It is plain tile with white grout.  No, really, that is white grout.  I didn't pick this out, it was in the house when we bought it.  Now, for those of you who don't  know me, I have floor issues.  I am obsessed with trying to keep my nasty old carpet clean until I have the time to pull it all up and refinish the hardwoods underneath. 

And that is all to tell you this floor is going to stay for the time being and the time being is at least the next 5 years.    Anyway, just because I am stuck with this tile does not mean I have to put up with this once white now brown I did something about it.

Now, if you are thinking I am going to give you a magic solution to clean your grout, I am going to disappoint you.   This solution will clean your floor, grout and all, but it is going to require a scrub brush and a little muscle.  I said a little and I mean little.  You won't be scrubbing for hours. 

First thing you do is spray your floors down with a bottle of bleach cleaner right on the grout.   I used a very cheap and I mean under a dollar cheap off brand of bleach cleaner from Walmart. If you don't want to buy the cleaner, use water and bleach mixed together and applied directly to the grout.   Once you have sprayed it all down, you can easily see the bleach is starting to work without the next step but the next step is going to be the game changer.   Sprinkle your floor with baking soda trying to get the grout lines first.  I didn't go crazy with this, I just randomly sprinkled baking soda everywhere. 

Now for the hard part.  Get down on your hands and knees, this stuff is going to burn a little so use gloves and an old towel or something to protect your knees.  Grab your scrub brush and start scrubbing.  I didn't have to scrub really hard on most of the tile.  I just sort of lightly scrubbed all over.

When I was done, I went over the floors with a bucket of bleach water and an old towel to dry the floor a little.   Basically, if there was any left over powder mixture I lifted that with a sponge and this is the finished product.   See, I told you that grout was white. 
Before and After
I am sealing this floor with a spray sealer to try and avoid having to do this on a regular basis.  Not sure how that will work but it can't be any worse than looking at that nasty grout.

Okay, I know, grout isn't sexy or exciting but sometimes in life, you have to clean up the messes before you can have fun!

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