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Missing: Susan Smalley and Stacie Madison

Stacie Madison

Susan Smalley
March 20, 1988 Carrollton, Tx:

It was a  normal day.  Carrollton was a lot smaller back then than it is today but not as small as it once was, of course.  The Newman Smith High School class of 1988 were preparing to graduate and go their own way. I was one of them.   The place and time were much more simple, much more innocent than today.

Times were different.  We didn't have smart phones and most of us didn't use computers.  People were still learning DOS in high school.  We weren't instantly connected to anyone. We called our friends on the phone in the house if we just had to tell them something because there was no texting.  Most of us were really lucky by that time and had an extension in our rooms but there was one line, call waiting and three way calling.  That's how we rolled.  

On the night of March 20, two of my classmates were spending the night together.  Susan was 18 and Stacie was 17 at the time.  Susan and I were in several classes through out high school and while we were not friends,  we were friendly.  She was, as I remember, a nice and smart girl.   I don't remember having classes with Stacie but she was a fixture around school.   They were both pleasant and cheerful girls, full of hope for the future and college plans as we all were.

Sometime around midnight that Saturday night Susan and Stacie left Susan's home and were spotted trying to purchase beer at a 7-11.  They were turned down due to age.  The next sighting was a local Steak and Ale where Susan worked.  They were there only a few minutes and then they left, seeming to just disappear. 

Stacie's 1967 mustang painted green and gold, our high school colors, was found the next day parked in a lot along Forest Lane in Dallas.   For those not familiar with Forest Lane in the 1980's it was the spot we went and cruised. Teens from all over would drive up and down Forest lane all night.  They would park and hang out.  It sounds silly now but it is what we did.  

There is an unconfirmed sighting of Susan and Stacie at a drag race near the spot they parked.  Stacie's car was locked when it was located the next day and her portable stereo was in the back. 

Their disappearance was documented in a book which is currently being updated.  It details much more about the history of the case and who they suspect may be involved.  I reviewed the book here.

This Night Wounds Time: The Mysterious Disappearances of Stacie Madison and Susan Smalley

The class of 1988 was rocked by the girls disappearance.  Senior night took place a few weeks later and the only moment I truly remember was when everyone stopped to honor Susan and Stacie and they played a song while showing their pictures.  I don't recall what song for sure, something that brought tears like Wind Beneath My Wings or Somewhere Over the Rainbow.  

2 months later I went off to the University of Texas for summer school classes and came back for Graduation.  It was a bright, sunny, beautiful, happy day but somewhere in the back of our minds we remembered the two that were missing from our group.  We never have forgotten them.  

This case is still open with the Carrollton. Texas Police Department and anyone with knowledge of the events should contact them. 

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