Wednesday, April 20, 2016

R: Ries takes over

 Hi! I am Ries and today is my day to take over mommy's blog.   She never let me do this before.  She let my sister Sadie write a blog once but she kept putting me off.   So I looked at her like, 'Really?  I am so much cuter and sweet than Sadie, come ON!'   Finally, today is my day!

Ries is short for Riesling which was the only German word my mommy knew.  She isn't a wino, it just sounds like it.  Anyway, I am what is known as a long haired Dachshund meaning I am whiny and anxious and I like food.  Okay, I don't know if that is what it means but I am those things.  In fact, don't tell my sister Sadie this, but she is my dog.  Mommy got her for me because I was sad when Mommy had to leave for work everyday and I ate Mommy's electric blanket and back massager in my boredom, waiting for her to return.   Sadie is my dog, I own her, she just doesn't  know it.

I love to travel.  Actually, I really just love my mommy.  I am sort of a one person dog and she is my person.  I put up with, abide, love my daddy and my human sister too but mommy is my human.  So when she thought she was going to go out of town without me, I quickly hid in her suitcase.  She never noticed.  

Actually, I follow my mommy around like a little shadow.  When she cooks, I strategically place myself right under her feet at the stove because she might drop something!  She was frying chicken one day and, well let's just say mommy is a messy cook.  Truly, she was wheels off with that chicken and there was flour flying everywhere.   By the time the chicken was done and I emerged from under her feet, the woman had covered me in white powder.   I looked like George Washington's wig!

Of course I have my sister Sadie who I mostly put up with but who I love to play with.  Actually, I don't play with anyone but Sadie.  Mostly, I like to eat, a lot.  Last Sunday morning I disappeared under the deck.  Mommy and Daddy have these creatures in the backyard they call chickens but I guess you don't eat these.  At least I am assuming that is what they are talking about because every time Mommy lets me out she says "No chickens" although I am pretty sure she is talking to Sadie when she says it because I couldn't care less about the chickens.  Anyway, Sunday morning I was under the deck and Mommy called me to eat.  Normally, I come right away but I was way busy this morning because I had found a prize under the deck.  I proudly came running up to mommy and daddy and dropped my prize.  It rolled right to mommy's feet and she laughed and said "She found an egg!"  It all worked out well though because mommy fed me breakfast after that and I was happy. 

I can be bribed with treats at any time so if you have any sitting around, send them to me, Ries.  Also, I give good kisses but my favorite thing is nibbling on noses.  I think it is because I have a nice nose so I extra appreciate them.   Oh and one other thing, I love college football.  I will watch it with my mommy and she, well, she is a little crazy.  She loves the Fighting Irish and the Texas Longhorns but I am a bigger Longhorn fan.  I look really good in burnt orange. 

Anyway, I am happy to meet y'all!

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