Thursday, April 21, 2016

S is for Sadie Speaks

 Hola, I am Sadie or Sadie Sue but sometimes my momma calls me Chicken Killer.   Momma is weird like that.  Just because I may or may not have eaten a couple okay, three chickens before momma told me that was not allowed.  How was I suppose to know?  They were tasty.  Now whenever momma lets me out she says "No Chickens Sadie!"   Look momma, I got it.  I can't eat the chickens, you just keep feeding me those eggs and I will keep away from those silly birds.
 This week we have daddy's other dogs staying with us.  Clover is above and Maggie is below.  Momma says they are my sisters too but I don't know about all that.  Clover thinks she is boss and let's be honest, there can only be one boss dog and that is me.  I don't  even care what Ries tried to tell you, she is not boss.   I like Maggie.  She is kinda old but she likes to play.  Ries and Clover just want to...okay let's be honest,  those tubby twosomes like to eat, a lot!

Maggie May that's what momma calls her

 I like to play a lot.  I chase birds around and guard, guard, guard the yard.   I work hard and when I sleep, I sleep hard.  Sometimes I fall asleep on the sofa and usually my daddy comes and covers me up. He never covers Ries up.   I like to burrow.  Momma says it is my dachshund half.  I am a wire haired dachshund and I am good at it.   Momma says that I am the best of terriers and dachshunds put together.  I am a hunter!

Sometimes we go out to our land in a magic place called "East Texas".   There are so many good smells out there.  Something called pigs and deer.  We don't have those running around in town.   Also, something called coy yote ees.  Momma doesn't like them because they may eat me.  Bahaha!  Right.   Then there are these other smells.  Something that lives underground and digs holes.  This is my kind of animal to chase, of course.   I was born to go into a hole.   That's what I do, burrow. 

Anyway, one time I was out in "East Texas" and I found a smell I had to track.  I tracked it all over the woods for hours and hours and hours.   About four hours I guess.  Momma was so mad at me.  I tore my ear on some pointing vine things and momma got all cut up chasing me.  I don't know why momma chased me.  I was coming back, when I was done.  She kept telling me she was leaving "East Texas" and going home and she was going to leave me there.  Haha!  As if.   Eventually I felt so sorry for momma running around after me that I just came to her.   Human people are not at all agile and fast like dog people. 

Momma says I am a good girl most of the time.  Of course, I am.  I sometimes have something called seeiizzzurres though and they hurt.  Momma and the vet don't know why I have these but it always scares Momma.  I just kind of drool a lot and then I rest.  After about half an hour, I am good as new running around playing.   Daddy hates when I have them too.  He has only seen 2 and he just kind of holds me and tells me it is going to be ok.   Then he runs to get momma.  Don't tell daddy but I think momma is the stronger of the human people.  Not physically but what human people call emotionsally. 

Okay so anyway, momma says it is time to finish my blog and I keep tells her that I have important things to say, not like Ries who probably just wrote about food.  Oh and I am a better human people dog, by the way, everyone loves me most.  All momma and daddy's friends tries to steal me but I know where my bread is buttered and momma feeds me cheese and eggs when I stop eating my food.  I do it on purposes so that she gives me cheese and eggs.  Shh, don't tells momma.

Okay, so votes for Sadie Sue for best dog.  Tell momma you like me mosts. 


Momma Note: this is not a contest, no matter what Sadie thinks.

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