Friday, February 15, 2013

Fitness Friday: Renewed Motivation and Confidence! Plus V-Day!!

Happy Friday!!! It is time to Link UP with  Noel  for one of my FAVORITE days of the week! Fitness Friday!


This week hasn't been bad. I was able to get 3 workouts in and if I can squeeze in something Saturday (Mountain Biking hopefully) I will have 4 and I am ok with that.  I prefer 5-6 but LIFE sometimes prevents that.

I ran 3.25 miles one day and spent some quality time nearly 5.9 miles each night on the elliptical 2 days.


Valentine's Day I spoiled myself a little by going out to dinner with Rachel (check out her awesome V-Day post HERE ) and there was nothing healthy about it but it was so good!!

I only ate half the pizza but I ate the whole slice of ice cream pie. I will not feel guilty. Partially because I didn't really eat lunch and partially because I deserve to be spoiled on Valentine's Day too! Thanks to my friends Chance for making sure it was the best Valentine's Day! I love, love, love the TULIPS!!! Thanks to Rachel for making it a fun night! Thanks to Ian for being...well Ian!


So I thought about sharing a little about what it is on my iPod that makes me look so nasty after a workout.

Two words: Maroon 5. I am not going to lie to to you my sweet readers....I love Blake Shelton but I find Adam's music much better for workouts! Also, I find Adam  There is something about a man all Tatted up with that dark hair and that dirty yumminess.  (Please hold on while I wipe the drool from my keyboard.)

I am totally all about Payphone.  I love this song.  I have the "Bad Word" version on my iPod but this is Letteman so I am pretty sure it's a cleaned up version.  This song totally lifts my mood most of the time and cheers me up.  Is that wrong?


So, my renewed motivation: I realized this week that I have been coasting through life the last few months without really being responsible.  I also decided that I will not spend the rest of my life wishing things I can't have and mourning things that are impossible or have been made impossible by things beyond my control.  Therefore, I have renewed my committment to my fitness and health and I am (aside from Valentine's Dinner) going to concentrate on making myself  healthy and happy. 


Last weekend I had a conversation with a guy friend who commented on how he likes the new confidence I have and that he hopes it is real. (Guy friends are awesome to have because they can see things that female friends can't.) I told him that it is.  I believe in myself and respect myself and I understand what that means.   Nobody can take that away but me.  I refuse to give in to the negative.  I refuse to settle.  I tell myself every day that I am an amazing, awesome, and beautiful child of God and that HE doesn't make junk. I know I am flawed.  For all the love I have for God, I make very human decisions sometimes.  Thankfully, I also am forgiven.  That said, I have learned from most of my mistakes.   


I force myself to go to the gym when I am tired and have migraine headaches because that is were I am now.  I am on a mission to become the most confident woman possible and that means taking care of me first and anyone else who wants to be a part of my life next.


And an open note to any man who decides he wants to be a part of my life:  I am not easy or simple.  I like sports and high heels.  I love moutain biking and getting dirty and dressing up a little and going to the museum.  I love dinner and a movie at home but sometimes I want to go out with friends and hang out too.  I am not overly complicated but I will not settle. If you want to be a part of my life, you have to make that decision and you have to work at it.  I am done being the doormat and I am finished being the only one in any relationship who cares.  Finally, if I invite you into my life, it is a privlege you should NOT take for granted.  I may not give up on friends but I won't put up with laziness anymore.  There are decisions to be made about my future and I hold all the cards.  From now on, that is the way I roll and if you think you know me, you are probably wrong. 


When I go to the gym or go out to run or go out on a mountain bike now, I go out with the purpose of finding the fun and feeling the pain.  They are not mutually exclusive.  I want to hurt physically after a workout because I know I pushed myself as far as I can go and did not give up.  I want to look like I took a shower in my cloths.   I am not afraid of hard work or looking terrible because in the end, the payoff is that I am the best me I can be.  That is pretty awesome!


Ok my vanity is not going to let y'all remember gym me so here I am last weekend all cleaned up.(This is the most recent picture I have). Much better!


Happy Friday!
Have a great weekend!!!

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Katie said...

Seriously-- Adam Levine is some damn good motivation. ;)

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Why are you all the way out on the East Coast? I need someone to go to a Maroon 5 concert with me!! ARGH! He is pretty amazing! LOL

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