Monday, February 11, 2013

Mobile Monday


Friday my team and I left work early to go to the movies.   We went and saw Identity Thief.  I would not actually recommend this movie.  I mean, if you like dumb movies...this is your movie.  I was completely bored.  Actually, my team told me after that they were never letting me pick a movie again.  (I did not pick that movie.  One of them did!  I would never have picked that movie.)  Jason Bateman however, is still cute.

Cassandra, Janie, Angela, and Mary!!! My awesome team!

Friday night was retail therapy and Screaming Red Zombie therapy with Trish.  This drink is potent so.... I had 2.  It was a really fun time with Trish and we both needed a little together time to just forget about everything else. Those are the best times with your girlfriends!


Saturday morning before I went shopping I did a little on line shopping and bought both the T-shirt above but in blue and white and the coffee mug below.  I mean, come on, a shirt that describes me to a T and a mug that says "Put the fun between your legs!"  How much better can it get?   Where else would the fun go? Whoops, my halo slipped there a little.  :)

Saturday after I purchased 2 pairs of shoes and got a pair free I got all dolled up to go hang out with friends and was very happy when I did my hair.  I am finally mastering this new haircut and I LOVE this picture of me.  I mean, you NEVER see me say that.  I never love pictures of me but this one...I actually really love. was I protected that hair like it was sugar!  (This may be one of the two sweaters I bought Friday with Trish.)

Chance came all the way from Colorado or Burleson, TX.  I always forget which it is.  He made a new friend Rooster who loves him.  My dogs on the other hand, don't like Chance. It is really odd.  I keep telling him it is because he is an Aggie and my dogs only like guys who like the Longhorns or Notre Dame.  I sure hope I always date Longhorn or Irish fan or I may have problems because I am keeping the dogs.  Men are replacable, dogs...they are special. :)

Brandon and Khyrstal were very into the movie, you can tell.  This was Khyrstal's birthday non-party.  We did lots of wild things like watch movies, grill out, talk about why Khrystal invited us all over to watch movies and then complain that we were talking when she was starting the conversations. 

Premium Rush is my new favorite movie.  It was awesome and any movie that puts me on the back of a bike and takes me for a ride....with or without Joseph Gordon Levitt, is a win!
Thanks to Brandon for thinking of Khrystal and me and bringing it.  Also, Thanks to BRANDON for smiling and letting me actually take his picture!

Meanwhile back at my house....Ries and Sadie took care fo a sick Rachel.  Such good girls.

Oh, you have to love my new wedges!  Electric blue, and smoking hot!  This was not the free pair but who cares?  This was actually the only pair of heels that I purchased.  The other 2 pair are flats.  I can't ever find flats because I basically hate flats.  Sneakers excluded.  I also have a harder time walking in them but they are a necessary evil. 


I think I was the only person that had never seen Downton Abbey.  That changed this weekend.  I watched all of series one and half of series two Sunday.  Oh, I am so addicted.  I want to smack Thomas around and I want to hug Matthew and Mary and I really want to hug Mr. Bates not because he is hot, because he isn't but because he is AWESOME and I kept thinking...this is a man any woman would marry. He is sweet and honest and I don't think I want anything more in a relationship than honesty.  This should not be something I have to search high and low for but Mr. Bates is truly a good man and this is what matters.  I love this show! 

I told a friend that from now on, no matter what I am happy.  I am actually.  I am very happy.  I love this quote.  Nothing actually sucks in my life.  Everything is right where it is supposed to be.  Everyone in my life is exactly who is supposed to be there.  Life is really good and for that, I am grateful!

I own one of these now, thanks to an early Valentines gift and the other one I want....for me and my friends Chance, Rachel, Khrystal, and Trish to start.  I mean, we are awesome and we should have T-shirts telling everyone!

I don't know if you have seen this issue of Star where apparently people who have slept with celebrities have talked but I have to say, it was very amusing and I have to wonder, how does anyone know that Tim McGraw makes love with his cowboy hat on because I doubt Faith Hill is telling.

The sweetest words to a baseball fan on the planet earth were heard this weekend in DFW:  Pitchers and Catchers have started reporting early in Surprise. (Arizonia where the Rangers train.)

Baseball is on the way back and I can't wait....It is time to start over and start fresh. It is time to put the past behind me and really concentrate on the future.  No more looking back, only forward and that starts now!

And I am prepared to run the bases all the way home! 

If you know me in real life you know I love Chris Tomlin but some of the music that has effected me the most has come from Matthew West.  I am sharing "Strong Enough" today because not only do I love this song, but this song speaks so much to me right now.   Enjoy!!!


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Rachel said...

So glad that Aunt Rachel's sweet girls were there for her! :)

I LOVE that picture of you, you look great!


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