Thursday, February 7, 2013

It's Ok

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Here's what is ok with me:
-It's ok that it has taken me months and months to do what Rachel, Chance, Khrystal, and Trish have been telling me I need to do since July. For now, this is what I need.
-It's really ok that for once in my life I am putting my needs ahead of someone else's feelings.
-It's ok that I don't understand the appeal of most reality TV. I mean shows like The Bachelor, Duck Dynasty, or Catfish. My life is enough reality for me without trying to deal with someone else's.
-It's ok that I haven't worked out all week. I have been sick and suffering from migraines since Saturday. That's the way life goes.
-It's ok that I have cereal for dinner sometimes.
-It's ok that 2013 has started off a little rocky. It isn't really 2013 but leftover junk from 2012. Leaving the past behind. Moving ON!
-it's ok that this weekend I really want to split between biking and movies. I need some quiet time on the trail and I need some time to catch up on what's out in the theaters. (I need 2 days without migraines!)
-it's ok that I think I am giving up alcohol for lent. I like my wine too much lately and I refuse to use food, drink, or medication as a crutch.
-it's ok that I am totally focused on the path ahead of me because what's behind me is gone.
-it's ok that I believe this:

-it's ok that I have pinned a lot of this

I am already sick of seeing pink and red, two colors I really don't like anyway. (Except Rangers red)
Living for Feb. 15th and half off chocolate is my plan!

-It's ok I corrected my T-shirt!

There has been a lot going on lately and I'm not ready to share that with the world. That's ok too. I am really happy with who I am today and I know that I am blessed and loved.
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Rachel said...

So glad you are doing what we've said to do! I know this is the right thing for you and you are going to be happier! Love ya girlie!!


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