Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mobile Monday: LOTS of Crazy PLUS Mountain Bike MONDAY!!!

This is a recap of what you all would see on my phone assuming that I ever let it out of my sight long enough for anyone to touch it. Rachel may be known to steal it from me when I drive but aside from that, it doesn't often leave my hand.
Thursday I was sporting my cool.

And meeting a big group of friends at a pizza place in Euless, Tx.

Not because this was the greatest pizza in town but because of this awful wall! Our friends Katie and Donny flew in from North Carolina and we met them for dinner.

L-R: Rachel, Julie, Katie, Donny, & Brandon!!!
Katie is a sweetheart and I totally don't hold her Yankee love against her. Donny (wearing his Rangers hat) keeps her baseball-balanced. I love that they invite me to hang out with them when they are in town.
Just a side note there was a really cute guy at this pizza place and he was just a tiny bit flirty. I thought for a minute about flirting back but alas, I knew he was a Yankee fan and I just wasn't sure. Katie is very supportive of these mixed baseball relationships but I am not convinced it works for anyone but Donny and Katie!

I got to hang out with Julie for the first time since the baseball season ended. I miss this face!

Also got to see Lyn who is another of those Yankee fans! ;) She is also a Rangers fan so I concentrate on that.

L-R Julie, Monica, Lyn, Katie, Rachel and me. (
This is all the ladies hanging out in front if the New York sky scape.
When we got home Rachel disappeared an re-appeared with a thank you gift. This is a most awesome gift in all my favorite colors: Ranger red, Ranger white, Ranger Blue! I love the giant baseball eraser and I can't tell you how I NEED this stuff. Well, as much as anyone can need this much awesome! She really knows me so well.

Having Rachel stay with me for the last 6 weeks had been fun. She was a God-send during a very difficult time in my life and I thank her for being there for me! She said to me the night she came to stay that we needed each other right now and this was why God planned it this way. She is so smart! It is amazing to think that we are friends because of Twitter and the Texas Rangers. I am so happy she is living close now and we won't be an hour apart! Her new apartment is too cute and I know she is going to be happy there. 2013 is the Year of The Rachel!

We started out with a little shopping. I found 3 very different shirts that describe me to a T! (Actually the mountain bike one I ordered but it came Friday.) I promised Crazy in the title and since my friends are always telling me I'm #SoCray I had to have the shirt. The same friends also tell me I am #awesome so I had to have that one too.

Later we saw Dark Skies. The lead actor in this movie is Josh Hamilton. I guess now I understand why he needed to go to LA! Anyway, the movie was scary and sort of a combination of Signs and The Fourth Kind. I may have hidden my face in my jacket a lot. I may have grabbed Rachel in fear a couple times too. Also, Monica and Rachel have put me on movie picking probation as this movie was a little too scary, I guess.
Saturday was originally schedule for biking but it just never got warm enough. I'm a baby thanks to my asthma and I prefer breathing to biking when push comes to shove. Instead, I did housework and planned the clean eating menu I am starting ASAP. I need a total diet redo and the Girl Scout cookies have to go!
Speaking of Girl Scout Cookies prepare for a controversial opinion here, ready? Thin Mints are overrated. Yep, I said it. I love Chocolate-Mint but for my money Keebler's Grasshoppers are better and cheaper. The only cookie I really love that the GS make is the Samoas. That Caramel-Toasted Coconut goodness is hard to beat. Anyway, I am allowed this opinion for two reasons: 1. I was a Girl Scout and peddled cookies all over Northern Indiana in the late-late 1970's and 2. I still buy them every year even though I always end up forgetting I have a box(es) in the freezer from last year...or whatever year.
Anyway, Saturday I worked on the house a little. Rachel moved to her new place so I gave Skye & Sadie back the spare room.

I really need to paint this room the lovely grey I have for it soon!!!

I bought myself some new flowers because my Valentine Tulips were just falling apart! (Love you Chance!)

Meanwhile my dogs where um, well:

Yep, it's a rough life

I am not even going to pretend I know what is up for all the Oscars but I knew Argo was up for something and since I haven't actually seen any of the movies I watched it on PPV. Good movie. Brought back all the little kid hate I had for Iran. I was 9 when that started and I remember it pretty well. There was a lot of worry and fear and it went on and on. I think that and the Atlanta Child murders were the two most stressful points of my childhood. (Not associated with my father's death).
Sunday was a blur of activity!

First there was coffee. Normally I do Community but today I tried Gevalia and it is yummy!

After a large cup I took my happy hinny sans makeup and looking bad over to Rachel's new place to help her unload and unpack a little.

Team Rachel at rest Sunday! I don't know why everyone was avoiding the camera. We all looked goofy. Well, not me...I looked more like Mickey!

I can't be the only big kid on earth, can I? I may have an extra helping of silly.

When you help friends find they collect the strangest things! Who's addicted to Whataburger??

I decided to help decorate!

There were a ton of these suckers!!
For all the hate I have for moving and the climbing up 3 flights of stairs dread my friends made it fun. Rachel has had a tough couple of months and it was nice to see so many of her friends there for her yesterday and today. Besides it is always a joy when I get to hang out with Chance, Khrystal, Rachel, and Monica! How can you not have fun going up and down and up those stairs a few dozen times?

All those stairs weren't enough for Khrystal and me! We needed a little Trail Therapy!!!
Let me just say I looked like. Hot Mess by this point! See:

It was pretty windy out there. My hair wasn't that crazy. There were some really muddy sections also. Also we ran into another of these:

No problem! Skye is a trooper!

She made it in and out (this is a before shot) pretty much 100%.
We met a nice guy out on the trail today. He reminded me a lot of a friend of mine. Actually this is maybe the 3rd guy I have run into on a trail that reminds me of my friend. Maybe there are mountain biker types? Anyway, for once I was able to help him instead of needing rescue! He had knee surgery and this was his first ride in a year. I guess he had been riding more complicated trails before surgery because LBH was different from how he remembered and he needed direction. There are a lot of loop options on this trail and the signs are lacking. Anyhow, was able to get him where he needed to go and it was nice to be helpful. He also told me I really need a bike rack. I guess he saw me drive up and get my bike out. Men are funny!
Has anyone else noticed how I am always running into the nicest guys on the trails? I'm just saying this is a plus as far as I am concerned. I don't tend to run into them that often off the trail unless you count my male friends who are ├╝ber awesome! Chance & Brandon shout out! Erick long distance shout out!
After all that it was shower, laundry, and maybe perhaps a medically necessary prescription pain killer & anti-inflammatory. The drugs made me pretty loopy. Luckily the dogs didn't mind.
So how was your weekend? Did you get to spend it with some of the most awesome people in your contacts list?
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Katie said...

Um, that wall was awesome. ;) Glad I got to see you last weekend! Sounds like it was a busy one for you!!

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