Wednesday, February 27, 2013

OHP & WILW Blog Update!!!

It's Wednesday and that means a double link-up!  Twice the blog fun!   Today I decided to switch it up and start with my pins because I like to keep you guessing!

Linking up with Michelle for Oh, How Pinteresting.

                                                    I try to keep focus on the positive.  I try.....

This drives me crazy!!! Thus starts the internal debate to delete and start over and hope nobody notices.  Add to that my keyboard at work only works half the time and it can drive a girl crazy.  I am trying to stress less.  It's not easy!

                                                                   Happiness!!! WOO!

Or your Wednesday.  I have been a day ahead all week.  That means I am working a 6 day work week in my head.  Blah!

Happiness is a big theme in my pins lately because I totally believe that finding happiness is a matter of deciding to be happy.

Yep. Just Yep!

Live for today. 

I am back on track and if feels awesome!

I can't help it.  I have a bad habit of self diagnosing!

<3 KC

You know when you grow up?  When you realize you gotta be you and stop trying to impress everyone else!

I'm a people pleaser but I just give up! I am concentrating on my happiness now.  Sorry to the rest of you! I still love you but I have to take care of me!


I am the worst about accepting God's timing.  I keep thinking I can nudge Him along to speed some things up.  The truth is, He knows why it is taking so long.  I have to trust that He has a better plan because mine, just don't work out.

Look at this Chance!  You made my blog texting me!

I am taking a class on this in March.  My friends should prepare to get these as gifts!


                                            This was my Tuesday and I gave up wine for Lent!

                                                     I have been this tired.....have you?

                                                        Sorry, but it just made me laugh. 
                                                     What is the little beast actually doing?

Linking up with Jamie for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

*I am loving my breakfast this morning.  Banana smeared with peanut butter and a little Bear Naked Granola.  Not much, just a sprinkle.   I am trying to eat things I can pronounce.  If the ingredients are things I don't recognize, I am putting it back on the shelf.

*This add from the 1950's.  If you are a friend on Facebook you saw me share this.  I find it amazing how this society has changed it's definition of beautiful in 60 years.  Personally, I like the curvy girl better.

*I bought some of these at Trader Joe's and I am in love with this but I am not in-love with the price so I remembered that my friend Micah makes her own and I bought a bag of Kale last night.  Hopefully I can make a batch up today or tomorrow.

*The tickets I bought yesterday for the 4/6/13 game.  This is game 2 of the year at Rangers Ballpark.  I have Opening Day tickets already so this was my next Must-Go game.   Once again I will be starting the season at the Ballpark for 3 of the first 4 home games!  I love BASEBALL!!!

*That a few people I met up with last year on Opening Day #2 (It was Opening Night last year but it is a day game this year)  are going to be in town and want cupcakes.  I don't mind hooking up my cupcake loving friends with some goodies occassionally.  

*That there is a mini-tweet up at Sherlock's tonight.  Actually we are going to pick up some shirts but there will be some new Tweeps to meet.  No, I wasn't on Twitter to find this out.  Rachel emailed me to let me know my shirt would be available and I emailed Jennifer to let her know I would be there.

*This shirt because it makes me giggle.   Josh Hamilton has been critical of the fans and says DFW isn't a baseball town.  There is a grass roots movement to greet Josh with silence when he plays in Arlington.  DFW is a winner's town.  The Cowboys don't own it the way everyone thinks.  The last few years, the Rangers have owned it and I love it.  The Stars owned it when they won.  The Mavs owned it when they won.  It just works that way. There is a strong, core of baseball fans and I am happy to be one of them.  Josh needs to be quiet and stop being critical of the people who supported him for the last 5 years.

*That day when you wake up and realize you are happy and you are OK.  That is a great thing to have happen.  I have spent a lot of months miserable beating myself up and trying to figure out why someone didn't want me.  Guess what I realized, it doesn't matter.  It really doesn't because I am great the way I am and instead of worrying about one fish who picked someone else, I need to concentrate on the entire ocean at my doorstep.  My fish is out there and he is going to be a very lucky fish.  That's the freedom I have now. That's awesome.  (I just need to work on that God's timing thing!)

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