Monday, February 18, 2013

Twitterless Tuesday: Living the Dream

A week without Tweets.
I know there are some out there who thought I couldn't do it. I know there are a few who are waiting for me to fail. I know there are probably some who don't care. Good for you!

Twitter has given me some amazing gifts. It has introduced me to people I truly love. It has introduced me to people who have opened up new experiences for me. It has helped me to find my gifts. It has also shown me that you can't trust anyone you meet on-line.

You see there are three types of people in on-line communities.

There are good people just looking to connect. Those are people who have become my friend in real life. They mean the world to me. They're special. They love me and I love them. They respect me. Our friendship may have started on Twitter but it has expanded well beyond that. They have been with me, texted me, hung out with me, and even sent me flowers in the last week. They are priceless friends and we are part of each others lives.

There are predators. They come in a couple forms. The most obvious is the type that use Twitter as a hook-up. There are those people. They may be successful, I don't really know. I don't care. Luckily I usually spot them am tell them to go away. I am not that woman. I don't do casual and meaningless. Luckily I have not fallen victim to them.

There are also the ones who you have heard about recently:

These people are really warped. They create entire backgrounds, histories, photos, fake accounts, fake friends, fake families to hook unsuspecting good people. Why? I have no idea. I don't really understand what they get. Maybe they are really lonely. Maybe they are really pathetic. Maybe they are really evil. I think they are probably just really disturbed and need help.

The worst group of all is the Bullies. These people live to put others down. These people are so miserable in their own lives they can't see the good in themselves much less anyone else. They don't talk, they attack. They are constantly bringing everyone into drama. They pick fights. They point out everyone else's short comings. They are usually the ones I unfollow. They post people's phone numbers. They love to drive people off Twitter. They hate in the most horrible way. Some think these people are funny. They aren't funny. They are just ignorant. They don't deserve to be applauded for outing a Catfish. They deserve to be ignored. I already have a list of people I will be blocking IF I return to Twitter.

I have been off of Twitter a week. I don't miss the drama. I don't miss the childishness. I miss a few friends. I miss Greggorox. I miss Erick Martin (even though he texts me.) I miss someone else too, someone I am trying to not miss...that's the point in this and it is getting easier. I miss a few of the ladies I enjoy chatting with Brenda and Aunt T, for example. I don't miss being called old or ugly or stupid. I don't miss being disrespected. I don't miss having to tell guys no over and over and over...I don't want a hook-up.

The question becomes, do I need this in my life anymore or has Twitter served it's purpose? In the two years I have been on Twitter I have met friends, met people who introduced me to mountain biking, met someone who broke my heart just a little (without meaning to...I think) and met the absolute best guy I have ever known. The guy who has become my best friend (no people we really are not dating. Not going to happen. Not a Chance! We really do love each other though.) Twitter has also introduced me to some of my closest girls. Girls like me. Girls who love sports and baseball best! Rachel, Khrystal, Trish, and Micah to name a few. They showed me I am not the odd girl, I am the awesome one, just like them! I adore them!

I don't know the answer to going back on Twitter. I deactivated my Annie account. I haven't deactivated the others....yet. We will see how this goes over the next month!

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