Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What I'm Loving

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I've been sick all week and I plan on being at work today no matter what my stomach has to say about it. With that in mind for the last few days in bed I had nothing to do but watch TV and maybe read and play on Pinterest and Twitter so here is what I'm loving:


Love does not fail! It may change a little but it doesn't go away.

I don't know why God and I don't seem to be on the same page lately! One of us must be wrong...

The Bible tells me so, therefore I must be lacking in just the things that are bad for me?

This is all that gets me through sometimes.


When they came out with this series last year I wasn't expecting much. Boy was I wrong!

This show is amazing. Mixing in much love characters from the original show like Bobby, Sue Ellen, Cliff and the great JR Ewing (RIP Larry Hagman) with the new (hot) cast of Christopher, John Ross and all the beautiful and way too skinny women has been a true treat. Throw in all the real shots of DFW and occasional if un welcomed appearance by Jerry Jones (sigh) and you have Dallas AWESOME! What makes this show so great is you don't have to understand the past (although most of us do) to appreciate the present because 90% of the cast is new but I admit I squeal when I see previews of old favorites returning later in the season like Gary, Lucy, and I keep hoping Victoria Principal's Pam will be convinced to give up face cream and come back to Dallas! I also mourn the already lost Larry Hagman's JR as he makes this show amazing & I have to say he is more likable in his old age! I am going to miss him much like Jock was missed when he was lost in the original series. I was 7-ish when the original series started so you can say this show has been a part of my entire life.


This just reminds me of all the girls on Twitter in bikinis. I won't share my thoughts more.

I admit...this redhead laughed out loud at this one!

There is something in there that I can't really share but I will just call it truth with a tad bit of pain.

I won't say I haven't been disappointed and a little angry recently because I have but I'm done with that. People make mistakes. People have to accept responsibility for them. I can't change it. I don't know of I ever had the ability to change it. Life goes on. I can't fix the past. I can look forward to my future and that's what I am doing.

It is all a matter of how you approach your problems and I am approaching everything as a learning experience from now on. I loved, I lost, I moved on. It didn't kill me so it made me stronger!

My friend Chance has been telling me this for weeks. I guess it's time I listen. He can be smart....sometimes. (Don't tell him I said that or he will rub it in my face for eternity.)

No, really. Chance will hunt me down in Heaven to remind me he was right! That's how he rolls!

Do y'all know the song Little Houses by Doug Stone? Both sets of my grandparents had little houses and they both had strong marriages. That doesn't mean life was easy. My mom's dad was a hot tempered red headed Hungarian who yelled first but was a big teddy bear at heart. (Reminds me of someone? Probably my brother) My dad's mom was strong willed, temperamental and stubborn as heck. (I may look a lot like her but I promise I am tame in comparison). My grandparents had problems but they had deep, true love for one another which became even more evident to this girl when I watched the surviving grandparent in each couple who never seemed complete again until they went to be with their love.

Or maybe I am just a silly woman who believes everyone has a soulmate and I hope I haven't lost mine somewhere in time.

-----Vampire Diaries

Everyone needs mindless eye-candy filled TV and there is nothing better than a shirtless Damon Salvatore to make me mindless!


just Yum!

I may have a few accounts so don't let the names throw you off.

My friend Chance is a lucky guy!

I love a boy named Sue he keeps me on my toes with his humor and mysterious identity! Haha

I'm not a Catfish fan and this may make me a little snarky about the abundance of tweeting!!

I love being a red head and I love being appreciated for being 1-2% of the population. We are awesome! The next president should really go after our votes!

This is just a tiny bit (2 days) of the baseball talk that is now showing up in my timelines!!

My fat thumbs get if and of mixed up a lot!

And I am LOVING that by the time I write another WILW post, Pitchers and Catchers will be in Surprise! Go Rangers!

Only watched this show occasionally but it was entertaining.

Excited about the upcoming Mountain Biking options.

I'm loving this Tweet from my friend Chance:

I may have been on a roll arguing with myself last night!

I don't think anyone appreciated the full extent of it besides Chance but I'm glad he was entertained!

Well, that's what I'm loving this week...tell me what you're loving!

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Jennifer said...

I think I need to check Dallas out!

Stopping by from What I'm Loving Wednesday!

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Thanks for stopping by! I highly recommend it. Only 2 more episodes I believe before JR disappears. :(

Rachel Easley said...

Stopping by from WILW...I have "love never fails" on my post today too! And I have the same picture of the Psalm verse on my Monday blog post! Crazy!! Those are good verses. Love the someecard pin! Too funny! Happy Wednesday!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Thanks for stopping by! Great minds think alike, clearly! I love that you told me that. I am going to check out your blog now. :)

Laura said...

Stopping by from WILW. Love the verses! I need to print some of those to hang around my house. :)

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