Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WILW & OJP Blog Awesomeness!

It's time to link up again for What I'm Loving Wednesday with Jamie  & Oh How Pinteresting with Michelle !

Let's start with what I am loving:

The jewelry I got in the mail Tuesday from Dianne Rodgers Design . This is the necklace.  Ignore the fact that I couldn't pull off sexy or even cute to save my life.  Do we know why I am single or do we know why I am single?

Here is a closer shot.

I have earrings that match and I have another pair in pink because somewhere I read that pink (which I hate, hate, hate!) is supposed to bring love. I actually really love the sweet light pink earrings even though I own nothing much pink. The earrings will look great with brown and black oh and this shirt:

Okay, maybe I won't wear rose quartz to mountain bike...however there are a lot of potential loves out on the trail!!! Kidding...or am I?

-I love my doctor. I went in Tuesday because I am having some female issues and she not only is running some basic tests to make sure everything is good but she gave me the talk. Ok, by the talk I mean she told me how wonderful I am and how I deserve the best. She is an awesome doctor and really smart, obviously!

-This picture:

Ok, I love Yu's short hair and love the new Ranger caps but mostly I just love that my favorite team is playing my favorite sport and the season is closer. Baseball makes all the pain go away!

-Rangers reporter Anthony Andro's interview on Twitter of Craig Gentry has my friend Rachel and my Twitter ID's being played on the radio. We are kinda famous. Well, Rachel is. I just ride her coattails.

-I really love that I am finally, finally over it.  There comes a point when you realize that you really are too good to waste your life with regret.  I woke up this morning and realized, I just don't care.  My future is too bright to waste on something so stupid.

-I love that I have plans to ride this weekend both days! I can't wait! I may be suffering from serious no-bike sadness!

-This is my goal. If not this weekend, next week. My life is about to return to normal. Meaning it is light enough to start riding right after work. If you live on DFW & you see me driving, bet Skye will be on-board!

-I love this! I know, it's pink but you know...whatever. I still love it! I am thinking about ordering it for a bear or doll or something just because it is so stinking cute!

Before anyone gets any ideas, I am NOT shopping for babies. I put Bike in the search engine and this came up. However that being said...if I ever have a daughter I am so dressing her in this! There is a boy version too in the event I end up with the other flavor. (I have decided I will have a child.  I don't know when but I will.)

-I'm loving that people sent me text messages telling me how right on yesterday's blog was. Thanks for the feedback!

-the Pizza I had on Valentine's Day at Parma. I have had to make myself not order take-out! This could end Friday.  I may just give in and have a quiet movie and pizza night!

-Looking back it seems I am loving biking and baseball. Go figure!

Let's see what I pinned now!
(Warning: I haven't cleaned up these pins. Read at your own risk. Bad words follow.)


I may have posted this to FB. I also may have mentioned it reminds me of the LA Angels!


Sweet Potato Hash

Spaghetti Squash

Taco Soup


I sent Chance a text saying: "I think this describes me." Chance may have sent me a text back saying "That is SO you!"

I can't decide if this would work on me or not.

(Who would have thought a week ago I would miss a drink more than Twitter?)

Pear vodka spritzer.

Redhead in my bed. Well, duh?

Alright, that's what I love and what I pinned!

What's on your list?

***Note: I have changed my settings back to allow commets from anon.  I will leave it this way as long as I don't get messages from the miserable side of life.  If you are a hater, hate on your time because I don't have time for YOU!



Jennie said...

I love those ecards you found!

Cotton said...

SO funny! Your pins are so cute! Stopping by from the link up and wanted to let you know I have a great giveaway happening on my page now :)

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Thanks! I am seriously addicted to Pinterest like pretty much everyone! :)

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Thanks! I love that stuff. I am entering now :)

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