Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's Ok Thursday Blog Update

Linking up with AmberNeely for It's OK Thursday so here is what's ok with me:

I had a terrible migraine all day Wednesday so I was trying to find help for them on Pinterest (because Pinterest is better than Web MD at this stuff, duh!) This was a suggestion. It looks good to me but I don't know where I am going to find the hot guy to rub ice on my head. Anyone have ideas?

-That I posted this to Facebook yesterday:

I felt like I was in that scene from "When Harry Met Sally": "I asked her where she was when Kennedy was shot and she said "Ted Kennedy was shot?""

It's super ok that I checked out my blog stats and found this out:

I am so grateful to anyone who reads, ever! Just amazed really. Thank you to everyone from all those awesome places too!! So blessed to be a part of your lives!

It's ok that I wondered if people reading in Japan were Yu Darvish fans, right??? God knows I love the guy! I love how excited he is for the season! Me too, Yu!!

-It's ok that I have two things on my brain: baseball and mountain biking!

-It's ok that I am finally starting to miss Twitter a little. It was bound to happen! I really miss talking baseball with some of the Twitter Ladies!

-It is super ok when Rachel tells me people are asking about me on Twitter. I am good. Really! This break has been amazing for me! I have accomplished very quickly what I wanted to do and it feels so good to be me!

-I found another frame app! This one has more kid-like frames but that's cool cause I know some kids! I am a kid!!

It's fun.

-I already have plans for the weekend to totally revamp my kitchen. Out with the bad!

-so the Girl Scout cookies are staying at the office...I am hoping I forget them!

-I read British Mountain Bike magazines. I forget they are in the UK right up until when they start taking Tyres. Really, that's how they spell Tires.

-it's ok that I get totally thrown off by the word Tyres every time!

-it's ok that sometimes I see pictures of myself and think...what the heck?!

-that I think I have the best dogs on earth!  When I came home to lay down with my headache last night, they both kept me company.  Sweet girls.

-that I am done trying to be perfect. I am me and I like me!

-that I may or may not have twisted Rachel's arm to go to CFA for breakfast.  Heavy on the may not, here.  She moves on Saturday so today was our last day to ride together. 

-that I am finished worrying about the past and not thinking about the futures. I'm going to live for today.

-that I am a Tex-Mex addict! It's true. It's my dirty secret.

-I may love some of my friends more because they are Tex-Mex addicts too! *Hi Trish!

-that I miss margaritas...already! I really don't drink that much but when you can't that's all you want!

-that I am suddenly addicted to necklaces. Honestly I have never worn them but now I just need them!

-that my next necklace will be a bike cause I'm that kinda girl!

That's what's Ok with about you?


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