Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Twitterless Tuesday: Week 2: Hello Tweeps!

What up my Tweeples? If you are reading this do you miss me a little yet???

As I sit here and listen to Ron Washington and I plan on purchasing tickets just finished purchasing tickets for April 6 for a group of my girl (This is going to require cupcakes!!  Let me know if you will be there)  and myself I remember what it is I love about Twitter.  The friendships developed over a mutual love for a team.  Mostly, the friendships developed over the Texas Rangers.    I miss all the fake knee-jerking that is probably going on because of the winless spring training.  I miss hearing people complain because Mike and Mike interviewed Ron Washinton and asked him about the Angels and Josh Hamilton and not about the TEXAS RANGERS!!!  I miss being able to send ESPN Dallas a message telling them I will never listen to a Colin Cowherd show no matter how many hour you force upon me and if they don't take him off the air, GAC will be the only show I listen to, at all.  Six hours of National Sports talk in Dallas Texas is insane.  

Oh, here is my facebook status from this morning:

"Yes I used a #Hashtag on FB...get over it social media bullies. I may finally miss Twitter a little although not all the catfish tails & fights. Seriously people grow the heck up! (I've also been known to call my friends by their Twitter names lately. It drives @the_Chance44 crazy so of course I keep doing it! Hehe)"

I miss Hashtags!  Chance hates that I text him Rachel's name by her Twitter handle.  He makes me laugh!    

I still don't miss the fights and the fish.  I got a text from a friend that yet another fake person was unmasked yesterday.  This is so silly!  I was starting to think hope that I wasn't real until I realized that I have met Whitney, Rachel, Chance, Erick, Monica, Julie, Khrystal, Brandon, Michael, Jerry, Donny, Katie, Lyn, Steven,  Trish, Matt, Micah, Lacy, Veronica, Brannon, Jan, Debbie, and a handfull of other people that I met directly or indirectly because of Twitter. Either this is a huge catfish web or I must accept the fact that I am in fact, real.  I was really hoping I was someone else who was thinner, better looking, and had more money. #Sigh!

Anywho, all in all, I can still do without the Twitter drama and a thinking of seriously limiting my time spent on it when I do come back.   Life is worth living not tweeting!

My necklace came yesterday and I love it!! That said, I am still thinking about buying a larger bike only necklace later but I love this!!  Yes, I should have waited to share it on WILW bt I didn't want to wait!!!

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Katie said...

Good for you for sticking to your commitment! I'm thankful that I've never seen or heard any of the twitter drama you talk about. But I think it's probably because my twitter circle is pretty small (as in I only follow around 230 people, small).

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