Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blog update Tuesday: Boys Are Stupid & Girls Are Crazy!

Lately when my girlfriends and I get together we seem to spend a lot of time pondering exactly why boys are so stupid. Now clearly we are kidding, mostly. We understand somewhere deep, deep, DEEP down that men aren't really stupid. (I said DEEP down ladies!) We just have different communication styles. Women talk about everything and what they say could mean 10 different things. Men say very little and what they say (from what I understand from male friends because honestly this concept baffles me) is exactly what they mean with absolutely no hidden meaning and nothing more behind it.

Here in lies the problem. When women talk to each other, we have learned somehow to understand the intricate details and meaning behind most of what other women say and what they actually mean. The fact that men say what they mean and mean what they say with nothing more behind it pretty much seems impossible.

My guy friends by the way pretty much all agree, girls a crazy. All I can say to this is that male/female relationships would work so much better with interpreters who understood both sexes and could translate!

Now to be fair to the guys, all these cartoons I have pretty much take the ladies side but most women, if they are honest, would admit you guys have valid points on how annoying we can be. I'm going to let you in on a secret, we annoy ourselves too.

My misunderstandings with men started very young. I am absolutely terrible at figuring out when a guy is interested in me. Honestly, the first two guys who asked me out, I am pretty sure I insulted. In fact, looking back on it now, I was so clueless I am willing to bet the first one thought I was a racist and that I turned him down because he wasn't white. (Love should be color blind.) I told him he wasn't funny when he asked me out. I thought he was being mean. My friends said he was serious and I hurt his feelings. What did he expect walking up to me in the hallway at Richardson Jr. High and telling me how cute I was?

The second guy didn't fare much better. He was getting ready to ship out in the military and he was at an all night pancake house with his friends. No, really! He was very sweet and polite and proper but I assumed he was flirting with me because the wasn't much to chose from at an all night pancake house.

Someone told me recently that all men really want is booty and they get upset when something gets in the way. I think he was teasing me but then again men say what they mean and mean what they say so....

Okay, I haven't solved the battle of the sexes but hopefully I made you laugh at how silly we all are.

Oh, and ladies remember Prince Charming is a lie and doesn't exist. Find someone you can trust, puts up with your shoe shopping, loves the same things you love, especially the sports teams!!!! Priorities Ladies, Priorities!!!!!

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Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

There wasn't much to chose from...a year and I never fixed a typo! Lol

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