Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Blog Update: What I love

What I'm loving Wednesday?

My friends Trish:

Monica (oh and Adam Burish)



It is so good to have friends with great taste in baseball teams (mostly...Lyn has that Yankees thing) who put up with my crap! I can't believe I only met them within the last year! You're the best! Love you Ranger ladies!

I'm loving only 9 days and this place will be rocking again!

I'm loving my Spinach salad from Corner Bakery! Yum!

These coffee mugs! Enough said.

And I am LOVING Lucy here!

Still loving my shirt and hoodie!

Zumba because I intend to dance tonight!

Peyton Manning! What? Like you didn't know.

These boys who play tonight!

Last but never least:

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Rachel said...

Yay!! We love you too!! GO RANGERS!!

Wait, what? You like Peyton Manning?? I had NO IDEA!!! ;)

Micah said...

That salad looks so summery. Want.

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