Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Challenge Day 29 Picture of your makeup collection + Peyton

Oh my gosh this is definitely my wackiest & most embarrassing blog! Deep breath, okay this really isn't as serious as it looks. Really. There is a valid reason to have black, blue, and purple mascara and when I think of it....oh wait, the blue was free! The purple brings out the green in my eyes. Black is a must. As for all my eye shadow, a lot of that is oh, never mind. At least you can see my MAC & Smashbox is mixed with Mary Kay and Revlon. That's something?

I remember once reading that during the depression women couldn't afford a lot but lipstick was cheap so they bought that to feel good. I don't really like lipstick so this is what I buy to make me feel good. Honestly, I have no excuse for this.

There are at least 100 bottles of polish and at least half of that is OPI. Okay, I may have a problem. To be fair, some of those colors are discontinued classics. I am careful with my polish and it lasts forever.

Is there a nail polish addicts anonymous?

Thank God they didn't ask me to post a photo of all my shoes. It could never be done. Never doubt I am a girlie sporty girl,

Peyton Manning is such a classy guy. If you doubt me, listen to the exchange last night as he got off the plane in Indy with Colts owner Jim Irsey. There was no obvious bitterness. This has to be hard. This was his team. This would still be his team if there were not an injury during a strike year. I believe in Peyton. I would love to have him on the Cowboys. It is no secret I don't like Romo. A healthy Peyton would have taken the Boys to a couple Super Bowls. Oh, I know it won't happen. A girl can dream. I will be a Peyton fan no matter what uniform he wears next year. That may be hard if he wears a team like the Eagles or Redskins but I will be a Peyton fan. I am sure Peyton has a clear idea already of where he is going. As for the Colts, I am mad now but I will eventually like them again. Never as much as when Peyton was the man. It is a sad day for me. A sad day and I don't need any new nail polish.

Okay, anyone want to share what they buy to feel better?

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Micah said...

I'm also a nail polish collector. I don't know that I've ever actually used an entire bottle. I always see a new shade I like. :)

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