Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Memories!

So, now that the challenge is over I am faced with coming up with something to write every day. I knew Friday was going to be about fitness because I keep my official weight (on My Fitness Pal) on Friday.

I truly wish I could do something like Music Monday but I quit every music class I took. (piano & guitar) My niece Laurel who is honestly the sweetest and least imposing child said to me this weekend "Lala please, don't try to sing." Trust me that she is not the only one with those feelings. My personal taste in music is very eclectic. I like 80's because that's when I was a teenager. I like country because of Garth Brooks and the University of Texas. (Hook 'em!) I like Christian because it grounds me on the important things and calms me when I'm upset. I love the Beatles.....who doesn't? I love Aerosmith. Dream On was my ringtone at one point but my favorite song is Rag Doll. I feel guilty typing that. All of this shows is that I am completely unqualified to talk about music!

So, I decided to do a Memories Monday. This could be recent memories or childhood. Today I am sharing something I loved when I was a kid. Cereal!

This was my absolute favorite cereal. I love, love, love chocolate. Anything chocolate. This cereal was a chocolate loving kids dream breakfast! The Count had a couple of friends, I rarely ate their cereal but here they are:

Love the Star Wars scene stick on "toy" inside. Yeah baby!

Do they make this stuff anymore? I have no clue. Now when I eat cereal (which isn't often) I eat the stuff that is good for you. Growing up, kind of sucks like that.

Happy Monday.

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