Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Memories: Otter, Kari, & the Stars and a Biker Bar!

Saturday my friend Monica and I headed to the AAC to see the Dallas Stars take on the Calgary Flames.

Our original seats for the first period.

And the seats right next to the Ice Girls.

We spent a lot of time trying to pretend we weren't on the overhead video board when they took shots of the dancers behind us. (So depressing seeing myself on that big screen but it prepared me for the pictures yet to come where I feel like I look terrible.)

These guys make my blog because they made us laugh. They cut out the entire sides of the shirts so you could 'enjoy' their abs and never took off their sunglasses. We all wished we were that cool. Or something.

We met up with my friend Jerry and his lovely wife Nancy who are huge Stars fans!

Stars win! They always do when we are there!

Stokers Biker Bar was our post game hot spot.

I'm a big biker bar girl. What? WHAT?

Had a hard time deciding which of these patches to get.

So many choices!

In the end I just couldn't decide between the 'Lick Me 'Til I Scream' and the 'Good Girl Gone Bad' patch. Well, something like that, anyway.

Why were we at Stokers? To meet up with some Dallas Stars!

It was Steve Ott's charity event.

Notice he is wearing a black Pesky Stars T and a Black Texas Rangers cap! He was super polite and obviously has great taste in baseball!

My autographed photo. :)

Oh but Otter wasn't the only one there. I spotted this guy and did a happy dance! It was pretty hot out at this point and poor Kari was hot in his suit and in need of a beer. (That's what he said anyway when we got our picture with him.)

Kari Lehtonen baby! It really was pretty hot out. That is why my Stars hoodie was left in the car and all my pictures with the Stars are in a Mavs T from last summer. (Nobody cared but me. I felt a little silly. It was supposed to be a Rangers shirt after all but it was wet.)

We got pictures with Sheldon Souray too!

And Monica was really excited to meet Adam Burish. I have to admit he and Sheldon Souray are pretty easy on the eyes. From behind I was worried. They looked suspiciously like a former Texas Rangers lefty that nobody misses. They were all really nice.

Monica and I had caused all the damage we could in Dallas so we headed up to Denton to meet up with Trish and tear up a second town.

Okay, we may have just hung out with Trish talking baseball and laughing at our music downloaded on our phones after some adult beverages and way too much chips and salsa. By the way guys sing Eric Clapton's "Wonderful Tonight" to your lady. Even if you can't sing, it's a good move. (Make sure to get the hair right.)

Happy Monday everyone!
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