Friday, March 9, 2012

Fitness Friday

I have set myself a challenge to workout every day between now and Opening Day, April 6. I started this last Sunday. Yes, I know it sounds crazy. I heard already and I do appreciate the people who care enough to tell me I am off my rocker.
So, knowing that I have been firmly established nuts what have I done this week? Three hours of dance including Zumba and Danceton which is, in my opinion, more fun than Zumba, an hour of Kick Boxing, an hour of Kettle Bells and an hour on the elliptical. That is 6 hours in 5 days! Yay me!

Why work this hard? Because I had to take it easy for 5 long weeks. Because I know how far I can push myself. Because I have this stupid fear I will disappoint people. Because in the back of my mind I have another event for Team in Training & I know I can do anything now because I completed a half marathon. Because I don't want to stop now. Because I learned from my mistakes. Because I have come so far and have so far to go and because

A couple funny almost wardrobe malfunctions this week. First was Zumba on Tuesday. When you are losing weight it is really important to make sure you have pants that fit for classes where you jump around otherwise you spend a lot of time pulling yours up. Guilty. Apparently I didn't learn this well because Thursday I walked around all day in jeans that are 4 sizes too big and that I easily can get on and off without using a zipper or button. In my defense, I was sleepy yesterday morning.

Also a big Thank You to Micah and Monica for recommending the Ryka Shoes. I picked up a pair at DSW last Sunday after class and while my moves don't look any better my sore feet sure feel much better!

So where am I on project "Bringing Sexy Back"?
2 pounds down this week for a total of.....60! This has been the hardest 2 pounds to lose because for 2 weeks that stupid scale has been up and down more than the Dallas Mavericks this season. I'm not going by the scale alone. I feel the changes so I know the body is improving. I know I am not going to be where I wanted by Opening Day but I will get there!

Oh guess where I am going March 20? Here is a hint:

If any of my Tweeps are going let me know! Go Stars!

Smile gang! It's that time!

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Micah said...

I'm so stealing that "haters" picture.

And you have me intrigued on this Danceton class.

DoxieDoodle said...

Haha! Steal away! It spoke to me immediately too! You may have to go with us Sunday morning. Gaby is a hoot and the class is just fun. She turns the disco lights on!

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