Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that the Rangers included an exhibition game on April 3rd as part of our mini-plan package. I don't know about you but the sooner I get back to the Ballpark, the sooner I can move on. It's time for Rangers Baseball 2012!

I'm loving that I get to spend so much time at this place this year, and this year it's with some awesome new friends. Lucky girl.

I'm loving that while I am spending time at the Ballpark I get to meet up with some of my favorite Tweeps. I have made some good friends & met some amazing people through Twitter. Who knew you could actually make strangers friends from a social network?

I'm loving that a friend asked me to play volleyball with her team. Nothing about me says 'Laura is a volleyball player' (especially since I don't even remember the rules) but you know I'm thinking of stepping outside that box I put myself in because:

I am really loving that all my Rangers shirts from last year are floating off me at the gym. This has required me to start replacing them with smaller versions for the season. Aw, shucks! Well, a girl has to do what she has to do even if that means shopping.

Here is one of the new shirts. Not sure which day this one will be trotted out.

I'm just loving this because it is so me!

I am always loving this because it is my favorite:

I'm loving that it is hump day and we are one day closer to the weekend. This week has been exhausting & I can't wait to sleep until 8am!

Happy Wednesday special people!

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