Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 28 Challenge: Nicknames I have and why? (Oh & my baby picture.)

My first nickname was Pumpkin Head and well, that is me as a baby with the Pumpkin colored hair, I suppose. My grandmother gave me the nickname. Yes, she loved me. She loved me very much, actually. You could say I was the pumpkin of her eye. (Stop groaning!) Say what you want about how I look now but I think I had my best years as a baby.
My grandfather called me carrot top. Why he and my grandmother were so obsessed with my red hair, I have no clue. I got it from my Mom's family but everything else is my Dad's side. You would have thought they would have picked something they gave me, like my temper, sarcasm, or bad attitude. :-)
My grandmother on my Mom's side called me sneezy because my allergies made me sneeze all morning long.
My brother called me sissy when we were little but now he calls me by the name his son gave me, Lala. My nephew wasn't able to say Laura when he was a baby. When the triplets came along they picked Lala up and to this day, even though Louis is 10 and the girls are 8, I don't know if they actually know my name. Honestly, because I use it in my email address and Twitter, a lot of people call me Lala.
Just a heads up, there is a very good chance I will ignore you if you call me anything but Laura or Lala. If you run into me at Rangers Ballpark and yell 'Hey Pumpkin head!' only you are going to look silly. :-P

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Rachel said...

hehehe... I can bet you anything someone is going to try and get away with calling you pumpkin head. Wanna take a guess at who?? ;)

DoxieDoodle said...

LOL. Well, it will have to be someone that actually reads the blog so that limits it to a few select special people.

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