Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 23 Two months ago, where were you and what were you doing?

Two months ago I was pretty much the in same place I am today. This happens when you own a home, after all. (I had a different sofa & no awesome coffee table, of course.) It was right before the new year so I was getting ready to see the Stars play on New Years Eve. No, I didn't get drunk on New Years Eve. I was working out pretty hard at that time because I knew I would have to have my Myomectomy.

Today I am returning to work after my surgery. First day back! I am much healthier since the surgery, which is wonderful. I still get tired way too quickly. I push through it as much as possible. I have to admit at times I feel a little like the kitten above. I still can't do everything which makes me a little frustrated, at times. I feel good one minute & then I hit a wall. No clue how I am going to manage with a full day of work & the gym. Pray I make it!

One thing I want to make time for is play. I concentrate so much on my routine that sometimes I forget to make time for fun. The free kind that you get by walking out the front door and experiencing the beauty outside.

We are a week into Lent and my Lent has been super difficult. Not because I am struggling with my faith.

I have been challenged in ways this last week that I never thought I would be and by things I can't really explain nor do any of you really want to know. I can say this, I have always felt honesty and integrity were two of my strengths. I was faced with a challenge this week that put both of those at risk and I found out something about myself. I can't live with myself doing the wrong thing, even when I got sucked into something by mistake. My personal values just make it hard. I have to make it right. This isn't a bad thing. If I can't look myself in the mirror, that is a bad thing. I am Catholic as you probably already guessed. They lay that guilt on pretty thick. Mine goes into over drive. I get terrible migraines. I cry a lot. I would make a terrible criminal.

A little free advice: Don't take your values for granted. They really make you who you are so never compromise them, live them!

All the stress may have effected my diet this week but that update will have to wait for FRIDAY! Almost made it!!!!

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