Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 27 Challenge: What do you feel guilty for doing?

Besides eating anything sweet, fried, or cheesy? I honestly can't think of anything I feel guilty about that doesn't have to do with food. When I was in therapy for bulimia as a teenager I went to support meetings where we compared addictions. Let me be clear about this, they all suck. I just remember a counselor saying the difference between eating addictions and drugs or alcohol is that you have to walk your addiction three times a day. I really don't dwell on this any more than I dwell on the loss of my dad. We all have our crosses to bare. I remember watching The Biggest Loser a few seasons ago and there was a cast member on that had lost her husband, five year old daughter and week old newborn in a traffic accident. My life problems are nothing compared to that. I am very blessed.

I will find what I need in life because I am stronger than I look and I am not going to let the guilt of eating a slice of pizza once in a blue moon hang over my head and stop me. I am not going to let my insecurities keep me from meeting new people or going to dance class and making a fool of myself. I am not going to let the haters & doubters dictate my feelings about myself. If someone doesn't like me for superficial reasons, that is on them. If someone hates me for my personality, I am okay with that too. I quit apologizing for who I am long ago. I like who I am more and more every day. I am going to be great someday soon, watch me!

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Rachel said...

I think you are AWESOME!!

I complain about "petty" things and then I see someone who has lost everything and is still loving life. I've learned to appreciate all the wonderful things God has blessed me with, especially my friends!!


DoxieDoodle said...

I'm with you & I think you are awesome too! So glad we are friends!

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