Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 24 Challenge: Do you have saved text messages? From who & why? Plus Weight Loss Update

Oh boy do I!
I have text messages from friends Rachel, Monica, Leneatha, Jerry, Julie, Sharon, Sonja, Shanna, Sibel, Amanda, Trish, Liz, my mom and my brother and my co-workers/team/buddies Melissa, Mary, Anwar, and my boss Cinnamon. I also have text messages from Twitter. Too many people to name. Actually, a lot of them are listed above. There is at least a 50% chance any @ or DM on Twitter is in my text messages.

Why are they saved? Um....cause I am lazy? Because in Feb. I have over 3530 text messages with a day left in the billing cycle. Most of that is Twitter.

Weight loss update:

I hate the scale & I am obsessed with it. I am not going to lie. I have never met a person who suffered an eating disorder at any time in their life who wasn't in a love-hate relationship with the scale. When I was part of a bulimia support group we had cute little nicknames for our Eating Disorder (Ed), Bulimia (Mia), Anorexia (Ana), and the least sexy of them all Compulsive Over Eating (COE). Nobody wanted COE because well, that made you fat. Every bulimic I knew wished they had Anorexia. Ana was the goal. That is the illness.

Why am I explaining this? I'm not sure except that it has been a hard week and I have struggled with everything this week including the food. Not beating myself up is the hardest part of recovering. Letting myself be imperfect to make mistakes is incredibly difficult. I struggle with this all the time. I had to tap the brakes this week before I spun out of control. I did an incredible Zumba class Thursday. To really sweat feels awesome. It is still a week before I can get back to kick boxing and kettle bells. Until then, I am going to let go of the past 7 days and concentrate on the day at hand. One day at a time. One meal at a time.

I hate writing this, just so you know, but I have to be honest with myself. I know what I did and didn't do right.

There was no weight change this week. I consider that an empty victory. Total lost 58 Lbs.

Now for the happy part, we made it another week!

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