Sunday, April 14, 2013

42 a movie that should change your life!

I don't like doing weekend blogs but lately I have felt called to write more.


Saturday we saw 42. Like all good baseball fans, I know the story of Jackie Robinson. I know he is a pioneer who is celebrated in Major League Baseball and by all professional athletes for what he did.

Baseball Great Jackie Robinson
Knowing something and seeing just a part of the reality of it, are two very different things! Jackie Robinson was an amazing man. He was courageous and proud and he was one heck of a baseball player. Branch Rickey was a pioneer. He changed the game (that I love most) when the game was a reflection of the worst side of our culture. Rachel Robinson is my new hero. To watch the man that you love go through what Jackie had to and be his quiet shelter from the storm takes amazing character. I don't know how much of this is true and how much has been glamorized for Hollywood but I have to assume that the truth of this story is a lot uglier than the film version.
Oddly, I went in to this movie tired and a little sad and I came out feeling reborn. There are tiny moments of pure awesome in a movie filled with amazing and the moments took me to a new understanding of myself and someone I love and the reality of life. Adversity brings out the true character in a man and a woman. It did for Jackie and Rachel Robinson. It does for many of us. Life isn't always fair. People hurt other people. Relationships fail. Someone you love makes a mistake that tears you apart or brings you closer. You make a mistake that changes your life forever. Whatever the truth is, it is how you react that defines you. Do you run away or do you face the challenge head on? Sometimes courage comes in taking responsibility and sometimes courage comes in letting go. Sometimes a person has to be quiet and just let things work themselves out. Sometimes you have to walk away.
I love this movie because it is about baseball and life and love and a courageous group of people who didn't ask to be pioneers but didn't run away when life gave them the chance.
That is one of the greatest lesson we all can learn. Life hurts and sometimes it is pure Hell but when you are faced with a tough choice do you do the right thing or the thing that feels right? They are not always the same. Sometimes they are opposite. Sometimes doing the right thing is the hardest thing in the world.
Go see this movie. If you don't walk out a better person than walked in you either weren't paying attention or you are Jesus.
XOXO and as always, enjoy the ride!
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