Monday, April 15, 2013


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Happy Jackie Robinson Day! If you missed my blog yesterday 42 talking about  please check it out! I am simply overwhelmed by how many people have viewed this blog.  Thank you so much to all the people who read it, loved it and hated it, if anyone did.  :)
So let's see what's on my phone from this weekend!

Friday lunch with Jamie, Rosa, & Cinnamon.

This was my Friday night! Wine, baseball and snuggles. It was so very relaxing!

I am working really hard on cleaning up my diet so I was pretty happy that I have managed 4 days without any meat except for one meal of fish. I feel great and I am excited to remember how easy it is to eat healthy when you focus.

Saturday I had a makeover done by a makeup artist that appears on HSN for LancĂ´me.
Here are some after:

I had no idea that makeup could actually make my breasts look huge but apparently it does because they are definitely not!

I was a little silly so I played on Picibooth! Still love this app!

Movies,,,more wine,,,and baseball was my Saturday night!
It was perfect.

I spent the day working on organizing my life one bit at a time. I moved my old TV into the other bedroom and cleaned out 2 armoires to find happy homes for my cloths. The right side of the photo above is all of my jeans and T-shirts for biking, college, NBA, & NHL. The left side...the entire HALF of the left side is Texas Rangers shirts, tanks, & hoodies. When I saw this I became concerned this isn't normal so I checked with a couple of friends and they both assured me they find this totally normal. Whew!

So I oddly enough, watched baseball & took selfies because that's what everyone does when watching baseball and doing laundry...right?

For dinner I wanted to try Soy Pepperoni Pizza do I made a homemade pizza!

This was pretty amazing. It is the first cheese I have had in 4 days but that is low fat cheese and I don't feel so bad about pizza once in a while now!
This is what I remind myself as I go forward!

Happy thoughts for Monday:

Happy Tax day!! Enjoy the RIDE!

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Katie said...

"You can't outrun your fork"-- hahaha, I love that!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

I know!!! I saw that and I thought!!! Oh, this is my new motto in life!! :)

Jessica Estrella said...

I also like "abs are made in the kitchen"

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

That's a good one too!!

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