Friday, April 26, 2013

Simply Me Blog Update: Lazy, Crazy, and Happy

I fell asleep so early last night I don't remember much  any of the baseball game. I woke up with watery eyes, runny nose and cough. I am not sick. It's just allergies. Aside from that....I am in an incredible mood.  Happiness is contagious and while looking around at the world is enough to make a person sad, I choose to be happy. Anyway, I am being lazy today and giving you some pins that say what I feel instead of me saying it! Happy Friday.

I have had some crazy stuff this week.  The more I deal with all the crazy people in the world, the more completely sane I feel.  I don't understand how things escalate to the point where people are running over other people and shooting at other people but this is what I see every single day.  I am not a nurse, doctor, medic or anything of the sort.  I am simply a manager at a company that works in the auto insurance industry and let me just tell you, the person next to you and possibly the one you go to sleep with every night...maybe crazy!  Just a warning!  Have a wonderful weekend.  Love y'all!

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