Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mobile Monday: Weekend Wrap Up


Rachel's got jokes! She was telling me what a bad influence I am.

Trish and some friends and I met up at Joe T Garcia's. I have lived in Texas since I was a kid but this was my first time. It is kind of a Ft. Worth icon.

They have pretty amazing margaritas.

And it ended up Rangers 7! Half price pizza is a win...but winning is better.

Was a little windy.

We met up with some awesome Rangers fans for a pre-game Tailgate

We grilled burgers and dogs and played games. (We may have had some adult beverages too.)

My friend Khrystal made some amazing homemade salsa.

I was so busy trying to take the perfect photo I started walking backwards and tripped over the curb, falling into a cooler and hitting my head. It was kind of like biking only who knew that I needed my helmet to take pictures?

There were so many people that I got to meet in person for the first time.

James Holland from Shut Down Inning was there. He didn't sing to us this time.

I got to hang out with Eric before and during the game.

Eric came to keep Khrystal and me company. He is super sweet and very funny.

At one point Eric found himself surrounded by the Scooby Gang! Here with Monica, Rachel and me.

Here is the game in a snapshot. I got to hang with my buddy Erick who is in law school in Houston. Mr. "I'm not an attorney yet" somehow was too busy waiting for Rachel to show up and too busy playing games and I totally forgot to get a photo with him. I am going to blame it on the brain damage from the fall.

Burgers and beer..that works!
Chance and my little buddy Camden were there and they stopped by in the middle of the game to say "Hi!" I was too busy playing chase with Cam to get photos. I always thought I wanted a little girl but Cam makes me think a little boy would be awesome too.

Oh, did I mention we won? I like Texas!
I realized I am a total Texas girl now. There is little left of my Indiana home. I know this because my teeth start to chatter at 68 degrees. It took me hours to get warm Saturday night.
This is not my boomstick but I had to get a picture.

Sunday was quiet. I needed quiet after all the excitement and adult beverages. A little coffee, baseball and some snuggles and quiet. A Rangers sweep!

All in all this was an epic weekend full of fun, baseball, adult beverages, sun and some awesome old and new friends. What I really needed this weekend was my friends and a ton of hugs and that is exactly what I got!! Lots of hugs from all these amazing people who shared my weekend!

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