Monday, April 8, 2013

Texas Rangers Tuesday: Why Rangers fans should be PROUD!

So much baseball! So little time.

Here are some picture from Sunday and Monday!

First we went to El Fenix for some food? The waiter was a sweet young 21 year old and I have no clue why but he gave me his email and his Facebook information. I mean I am old, chubby, and totally not cool but he handed it to me. Luckily I had finished my Beerita by that point so nothing surprised me!
The manager then came up and told is he was giving us free desert! Wow! Just a strange little night. It was pretty amazing! Luckily there were 3 of us to share the calories.

So we finally made it to the ballpark and it was just a little windy!

By this point I did not care that I looked like I had been through a tornado and Trish was having a good time. When Janice is the calm one in the's pretty certain we are a little out of control!

This was our view at the start of the game.

I may have run in to my favorite guy on earth! Oh Chance and Rachel were also there. I took this picture because let's face it...there are a billion picture of me and Rachel or me and Chance plus I was having too much fun terrorizing Cam who is shy and adorable and ticklish! ;-)

Yu Darvish was pitching. He has quickly become a fan favorite and he is just plain fun to see!

Later we may have gotten seat upgrades:

And we did win!!

Monday was another game...I know! Insanity!

We were back in our normal seats!

It was my mom and me for this one.

I may have done some more shopping! If you're keeping score at home it is 3 shirts, one Rangers hair band, one hat, one pair of earrings, one bracelet and

a new iPhone case.

Brisket nachos because due to my stupidity and the electric company idiocy I have no food at home. That's all resolved now but I am on my last day of Ballpark food.

Me playing with my hat! Did I mention I was sleepy?

We had a little bit of fireworks in the bottom of the 4th!

I don't know what happened to Nolan Ryan! He keeps losing the Legends Race!

So I want to take a minute to address some criticism I have seen from the National Media with regard to Josh Hamilton and his family at the Ballpark. Rangers fans have been mistakenly accused of everything from over reacting to saying bad words around Katie Hamilton and her kids. I have no clue what she heard. So far, nobody can be found to support this statement. Local media is looking but hasn't really found any witnesses as yet. I would never support taking it out on the families. I was appalled when Yankee fans dumped beer on Cliff Lee's wife and members of the Rangers front office. As for the players and harassing them in the field, that's part of the game and they get paid a LOT of money to deal with it. If fans were harassing Josh Hamilton or Mike Trout in the outfield, well good for them! Yankee fans do it, Boston fans do it. Fans at Wrigley field do it. Those are BASEBALL towns with decades of tradition! Philadelphia fans also harass other teams in every sport! Just because Dallas has a misplaced rep for being a football town (it isn't, it's a winners town) doesn't mean we should welcome opposing superstars with open arms. The Ballpark fans are learning how to be GOOD baseball fans and that means chanting "Baseball Town", heckling other team players, and being incredibly loud and not welcoming to other teams and NOT doing the wave! For the record, I seriously doubt that anyone was actually directing any comments to Katie and the kids. I believe she was totally over reacting like she has done this whole time to the Rangers and her husband. Also, if you don't want your kids to hear bad language the Ballpark is probably not the place for them since people tend to drink and curse and finally I have seen people ejected for minor things at this ballpark so since nobody was actually ejected, I have to think it wasn't as big a deal as Katie/Josh want to make it. Josh is playing a victim roll right now. He is a recovering addict. He is thin skinned. He is a head case! I love Josh Hamilton. I am and always will be a fan. I didn't boo him when he came up to bat but I sure did yell when he struck out. He left the Rangers. He disappointed me. He is flawed. We all are. He is also, deeply hurting and for that I do feel bad for him but he made his bed and he has to sleep in it. Rangers fans should be proud that they are getting a rep for being loud, annoying, and unwelcoming! That's the way it should be!

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Travis Hamilton said...

I could not have said it better myself Laura! So great to see you at my favorite place in the world...the Rangers Ballpark at Arlington!!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Thanks Travis! I appreciate it! It was so fun seeing you both games! You make me laugh being able to pick me out of the crowd from across the park!! It's the red hair thing! Haha! See ya soon!!! #PedalPower!

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