Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Rachel's Blog Challenge Day 1: Facts about me (my deepest secret) and a photo

So my sweet, separated at birth and by 8-years long lost twin sister (she's the good twin) Rachel started a blog challenge and I decided to take it on. Sorry for the double posts today. Tomorrow I will do better!

So this is me in my office at lunch.

Ten Facts about me (I won't do the obvious stuff like baseball and biking!)

1. I love onions:
It is true.  You may want to keep this in mind if you ever get the urge to kiss me.  Well, that and I may have a good uppercut from years of Kick Boxing. If I can find one, I would make onion cake. 

2. I am a clutter bug but I am trying to learn to let go.  I am constantly afraid that I will throw something out that I need in 3 years.  I am POSITIVE that acid wash denim will come back and it will happen once I finally throw out those jeans I have been hanging on to for 25 years!

3. I could successfully be a vegetarian if it weren't for chicken.  I actually have been a vegan in the past but soy cheese is just not cheese and I really have to watch the amount of soy product I eat for health reasons. I do love chicken. 

4. I love Dirk Nowitzki and think he is super sexy.  I know that this is not shocking news to my friends but I really do think this man is super hot.   I have rather unique taste in men. 

(Actually, I have pretty normal taste in men and the last guy I was kind of  involved with was pretty cute....yeah, you're ok if you're reading this.  You're still a jerk but you make me I forgive you for being stupid and.....everything, my friend.)

5. I am not a big fan of beef or bacon.  Again, this is not a shock to most of my friends and I am fairly sure that I am not going to make any new fans with this and I know that I have just lost the love and respect of pretty much every man ever born but, beef gets stuck in my teeth and bacon is fat and while it tastes good I like turkey bacon well enough that I don't really care to buy regular bacon.  I also tend to buy ground turkey not ground beef so unless I am cooking for others, you probably won't find any beef in my house or pork in my house.

6. It really drives me crazy when people use the word 'ANYWAYS' in writing. It is improper and while I am anything if proper it just makes me nuts.  So all of my friends send me text, tweets, and facebook messages saying 'anyways' all the time now. 

7. I actually put my movies in order by the people who star in them.   I know, this is insane and it is hard at times when there are a bunch of people in the same movie but I go with the "who I like best" theory and if I am in the mood to watch Bradley Cooper (when am I not?) this makes it easy to find him.

8. I also have a obsession with checking the door and light switches before I go to bed.  I make sure everything is locked up nice and tight and I make sure the light switches are all facing the "right" way.  Down if they are off.  I know..that is crazy.

9. I hate snakes.  I HATE snakes.  I mean, I don't care if it is a 8 inch garden snake or a 3 foot long rattle snake. I hate them and they make me scream  A few years ago someone shot out the glass in my back door and if that wasn't enough to make me raise the fence in the backyard by 2 feet the fact that when I was waiting for the new door to be installed a snake decided to make my temporary door home.  It was probably all of 10 inches long and no bigger around than my pinky but that didn't stop me from screaming in terror and running to get a broom.

10.  I secretly want to write a childrens book someday.  SHHHH!!! Don't tell anyone.  I also want to illustrate it myself because I like to draw.  Oh, wow! I can't believe I shared that.  I have never told ANYONE that!

Okay, that's the day 1 challenge.  I will probably do a couple of days tomorrow.

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Rachel said...

I LOVE THIS!!! And I love that you want to write a children's book! You are right, I didn't even know that!!!

And I'm so with you on snakes. The only good snake is a dead one.


Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

There is nothing funnier than seeing a grown woman run in terror from a tiny snake...and I am not ashamed at all! :)

Jodi said...

I hate snakes too! In 5th grade a classmate found one outside and brought it into the classroom. All the kids wanted to keep it except me so the teacher said no. Great way to make friends! Ha!

I want to write a children's book too! Not sure about what yet but something that will help kids understand a complex topic - like MS, adoption, etc.

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Well I would have been on your side and we could have been beat buds in 5th grade because that snake would have been voted out by me too!

I think those are amazing topics. You should do it! I would love to adopt so when I do, I will buy one!! :-)

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Oops best buds

Micah said...

Your movie organization would drive me crazy. Mine are in alphabetical order. Otherwise, I'd never be able to find them. :)

And you should totally write a children's book. Maybe about biking? Or baseball?

The Niemeyer Nest said...

Funny about lights! I have never thought about it but that will be something new for me to obsess over. Love these random facts.

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Your movie organization is too logical for my mind!

How did you know I love baseball and biking? I am actually leaning toward using my dogs because they are pretty funny and they deserve to be famous. Haha

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Ah, thank you! I used to have a roomie who would laugh at me about the lights. :-)

Jessica Estrella said...

i love onions too!! And I hate snakes- like detest them. I'm so terrified of them. Egh just thinking about them literally gives me goosebumps.

Laura Nies said...

Oh see I totally love you already! Anyone who can hang with me on the onion love has to be super awesome!!!

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