Saturday, April 6, 2013

Blog Challenge: 10 Things plus what my name means

Okay so I may be on baseball overload for the next couple,
4 days,  so hang tight and I will get through this blog challenge.

10 things:

Likes: (in no particular order)

*Baseball: who knew, right?

*Mountain biking: shocking, again!

*Babies: nothing is sweeter than holding a baby you adore in your arms while they sleep.

*Kisses that last for days

*a pair of strong arms wrapped around me. Seriously, there is nothing better!

*the smell of onions grilling: I told y'all I love onions!

*Beeritas! Whoever first decided to turn a beer upside down in a are my hero!

*Tex-Mex: What else am I supposed to eat with my Beeritas?

*snuggling on the couch and watching the game with a man that I adore.

* my life and everything that comes with it the good and bad!


Okay this is hard for me because I really want to say 1-10 is Liars. I can NOT stand people who lie. Lying by omission or just flat out lying. Lies hurt and lies destroy. If you can't be honest with me about who you are and how you feel, I just don't have time for you. Just keeping it real people!

In an effort to expand slightly I will say that I also don't like
*green peppers,
*the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim California,
*the New York Yankees,
*Anything LSU,
*Duck Dynasty
*The bachelor
*and liars, liars, Liars!

What my names mean: Blog/ Twitter/Instagram/Gmail
(I added some from the original question)

Simply Me, the way I see it is my blog about life and the way I see it. Things I love and things I love doing. My hopes, dreams and struggles. My success, failure, and heartbreaks. I started the blog a little over a year ago for me. I don't ask for sponsors because I want to keep the blog personal. If I write a review of a product or show off a item of clothing it is because I bought it and I love it not because someone gave it to me. There is nothing wrong with that, it's just not what I am about. I want to meet other bloggers. I am honored that anyone reads my blog. If I can help someone with an eating disorder or a broken heart or low self esteem feel good or know they aren't alone that's awesome but I write what I love because I love it or what hurts me because I live it. I try not to over share. I don't call out people on my blog. I write about how I feel so I can grow stronger, become better, and love longer.

My public Twitter account is
Lauran0805 and that is just my name and initial and my birthday. Nothing exciting or awesome there.

My private account is RangersRed70 which you will also hear referred to as my Annie account. Ann is my middle name, I am a redhead and a Rangers fan. That's about the extent of the meaning there. I really try to keep the following list on that one low because it is really just where I talk to my close friends. I retweet the blog there because there are people who follow Annie and not Laura but aside from that, that account is more personal.

Instagram is the same as my public Twitter. I did that for the simple reason it is easy to find me and the public twitter and Instagram are basically tied to the blog.

My gmail account which is also tied to the blog is Auntlala85 and that goes back to my nickname the kids gave me. My original Twitter ID was Auntlala85 but I changed it because it was silly hearing people I never met call me Aunt Lala instead of Laura. I don't use my last name as a rule for safety reasons. It is not a common name.

Okay I am headed out to the Rangers game! Keep it real people and keep it honest with yourself most of all!

As always, enjoy the ride!


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