Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WILW, OHP, WCW: It's my birthday and I am SO cute!

Hello, I'm Riesling but my friends call me Ries and today is my 4th birthday. My Mommy said I could write her blog today so I could show the world how lucky she is to have me. I am, after all, so pretty, as you can see by the picture of me now and the first day I came home with mommy.

So Mommy gave me a few pointers on this blog thing.  You humans sure do have funny customs.  You feel the need to verbalize how you are feeling.  Dogs are so much more efficient!  We sniff each others butts.  What?  All I need to know I can find out that way!  Anyway, Mommy says on Wednsdays we link up with Jamie  for What I'm Loving Wednesday!  So, let's do it!

First of all I love food.  I mean, honestly Mommy doesn't feed me enough.  She says I am too chubby but I keep telling her I'm big boned and my fur adds an extra five eight pounds! I am lucky though because Mommy always feels guilty if she doesn't give me exactly what she gives my sister Sadie who is seriously,  I worry about her.  Anyway, Mommy has to bribe Sadie to come inside so I get treats just for sitting!

This is my crazy sister Sadie.  She is what they call a wirehaired dachshund.  That means she is a half breed but I love her anyway.  She is really hyper (Mommy says that is the Terrier half?)  and she likes to roll around and play chase with me.  I let her for a little bit and then it is nap time.  That's when Sadie goes outside to patrol the backyard and scare away all the predators. 
I love naps.  I love sleeping in my Mommy's bed and under Mommy's bed but my favorite place to sleep is on the pillow of the couch behind my Mommy's head.  She loves to watch this thing called TV and there is usually something called baseball on so I sleep while she yells at  cheer for the Rangers.  I am really much more a football kind of girl.  I love the Texas Longhorns.  I have a BEVO collar and burnt orange is my favorite color! Mommy said if I had been a boy my name was going to be BEVO.  What a silly name!  Who names their dog after a cow?   I love my name.  I am named after wine.  How can it get better?  Don't tell Mommy because she doesn't know but sometimes when Mommy isn't looking, Sadie and I try to get sips of her wine.  We love wine!  We love pizza too and chicken and peanut butter.  Well, really, we love food. 

I don't want you to think that all Sadie and I do is sleep.  It seems that way because that is what we are doing when we are the cutest! Well, really, we are always the cutest but look how cute we are!  Mommy has pillows that match our coloring.  Sadie and I try and hide and see if Mommy can see us.  Anyway, (BTW My Mommy said I wouldn't get birthday cake tonight if I typed "anyways" in her blog because it drive her crazy.  She is so silly.  The woman can't even spell and I have seen some of her Tweets and the typos are just CRAY but she hates that word and all of her friends use it now just to drive her crazy. I want puppy cupcakes so I am NOT going to make Mommy mad. She can't stay mad at me anyway, I am too cute!)  Anyway, I LOVE walks.  It is true.  I love sniffing everything. It is so fun!  There is this rock down the street in one of our neighbors yards and it smells so good that Sadie and I have to spend 5 minutes sniffing it whenever we walk past! What can I say? Nirvana!!

 I also love giving kisses.  I am not a crazy kisser like Sadie.  I will just make sure you didn't miss any spots when you shower.  Once in a while I sneek up on Mommy unaware and kiss her face.  She say she hates that and she always yells "Oh Ries, no!!"  but she is usually laughing.  I don't understand humans. My
Aunt Rachel hates kisses and used to beat  block Sadie and I with a pillow. She also gave us lectures about "No LICKING!"  Silly Aunt Rachel thinks we listen!

I am not much for dog toys but Sadie loves them so I thought I would mention them anyway.  Mommy and Sadie play toss sometimes but usually I am trying to get Mommy to pet me while this goes on.  Sometimes when Mommy is working out she looks so hot so I love to go up and snuggle with her and love on her when she is doing sit-ups.  Mommy is always trying to be thinner and I just don't know why she doesn't see she is so pretty and wonderful just the way she is?  Aunt Rachel and Uncle Chance tell her that all the time  Can we talk about Uncle Chance for a minute?  He is so silly.  He is an Aggie fan but I don't hold that against him. Sadie does.  She doesn't like him and barks at him whenever he comes over.  That makes me bark Sadie for being so stupid.  Mommy ends up throwing us outside next.  I hate that!  I want to visit too!

Mommy also said we like to link up with Michelle  and share our Pins on Oh, How Pinteresting so I thought I would share how great a certain German hound is.

I do love to whine.  It is true.  I think it drives Mommy crazy but I always get what I want!

Have I mentioned that  I love to eat?   Food is so good that I thought I would share my favorite kibble!

Mommy says Blue Buffalo makes me pretty but how is it possible I am any prettier?  I am the sweetest and cutest thing ever!

I just want to remind you, if you have a stubborn Dachshund at home...we can be bribbed with treats!

We are also very smart and motivated by our tummies.  Once I climbed up my Mommy's stability ball to get treats off the table.  A girl has to do what a girl has to do!

Sadie and I keep telling Mommy this is the perfect diet plan for her.  Share with us

Before I go nap, I want to end on this little pin about love. Mommy was sad for a while about love and I used to have to snuggle up with her to make her happy.  She isn't sad anymore.  She says it is okay to have a broken heart because hearts can be fixed and her heart just needs to be super glued back together.  She doesn't cry anymore and I am really happy about that because I love her and her friends love her and she is learning to love herself and most importantly Mommy is learning that she is enough and she is not broken and personally, I think anyone who let her go is just plain stupid but that is just me, and I love her.

Mommy says she always ends these posts with "Enjoy the ride" (she is a little obsessed with this thing she has in the house called a bike.  She even calls it Skye.  That is so silly!  Who names a bike?)  but that sounds like a lot of work to me so I prefer, Enjoy the nap!

One last link up!

Laura Ries
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Raewyn Smith said...

Oh my gosh I love it! Happy birthday Ries!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!! I accept treats of all varieties as gifts! HAHA! XOXO-Ries

Jessica Estrella said...

Happy Birthday!! I love this- I'll need to have Moose write a post, too haha And I only buy him Blue Buffalo too because he has the most sensitive stomach!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

You may find that Moose is reluctant and has to be bribed! I would suggest treats! Lots and lots of treats. I am holding out for my birthday surprise tonight while napping all day. A dogs life is tough! I also have a sensitive tummy but I never let that stop me from raiding the trash can whenever I can! XOXO, Ries

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