Monday, April 29, 2013

Mountain Bike/Mobile Monday


If I were an animal..I would be a liger! I mean look at that hair! This animal gas a Redheaded Leo smiling! Supposedly the females can actually reproduce but they have to find their Lion. Yep, sounds like me.

Saturday: work! This is how I roll into the office on Saturday....

Waiting to hit the trail!

Challenge: photo of my room

I picked my office because it is where I spend the most time!

Odd angles thanks to panoramic.

There are basically two themes to my office:

It really is just a normal square office.

13 year old boy baseball fan & mountain bike chick.

Then it was MTB time!
Let me just say, the trail is so beautiful and so green and it smells freaking amazing!

I look forward to this old beat up monster when I ride this trail!

This is the Jeep Loop!

This is me and the old girl! I remembered what I love about Biking and will be going after work. I can't wait to get back out there. I never feel so alive as I do on the trail. I was so worried I wouldn't be able to ride but I was shocked. The skill that I have (yes, I actually do have some skill) hasn't gone away and what is more important my fearlessness is still there! I laughed a little as I saw all the stumps and didn't even think about them. I used to avoid them but now I ignore them. The little wood technical areas that give you a ride around option...nope! I want to ride them. (Okay not the teeter totter. I am not that fearless yet.)

Skye and the Jeep!  Isn't it pretty?

Yes, this is my new Camelbak and it is huge and awesome!

S*a*t*u*r*d*a*y Night and I was ready to go on very little sleep.

So were the balloons!

I had a blast Saturday night even if I was tired and I kept twisting my foot walking in my high heels. It's been a long time since I didn't have on flats (which I hate) or sneakers.


I spent a lot of time being a responsible adult and working on the yard and house.

I made fresh salsa using this:

I have never in my life chopped jalapeƱos before. The coughing the burning nose and! Good thing the salsa was worth it!

I also made Chicken Enchilada Casserole.

It isn't a that difficult but it is good. Sometimes I use salsa verde and light sour cream and sometimes salsa rojo. This was red because I may have a ton of salsa at home. You can make this without the light sour cream and use even less cheese. I love food I can eat on for days so this is a win.

My weekend was short but I managed to pack a ton of fun into it!
Happy Monday! Go get ya some!

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Jessica said...

Your top from Saturday night looks really pretty! Is that the salsa recipe you emailed me? I'm going to give it a go on Thursday... the enchilada recipe looks good too but I don't even attempt Mexican thanks to having a Mexican boyfriend... it's not even worth it!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Thanks! I forgot I had that top. It is hard to find regular girl cloths in my closet because of all the fan-girl cloths! LOL. It is the same recipe. I am going to try adding some corn and blackbeans the next time I make it. It is so stinking good...but it would be easy to add extras and make it to taste. Add seeds if you like it hot. I took them out.
I saw Pedro on your FB and he is cute! Looks like a keeper...especially since he can cook!

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