Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's Ok plus Challenge 10

Linking up with Amber and Neely  for It's Ok Thursday.

It's Ok:

*I had to throw out basically all of my food in the fridge and freezer.

*that I am pretty sure the alcohol survived the power outage without incident and that makes losing hundreds of dollars in food not SO bad!

*as I cleaned the refrigerator you possibly heard thing said like:
"Why would I ever buy green olives? I hate them! Why do I have them?" And "Oh wow, I forgot I had pickled mushrooms. Oh well." However, when it came to the freezer I had to ditch stuff quickly because there was a lot of frozen stuff I recently purchased and was completely unopened. The two things of PF Changs freezer entrees alone nearly brought me to tears!

*I decided to look at this loss of all things food in the fridge as an opportunity to start over and make a healthier kitchen!

*I am looking forward to grocery shopping tomorrow and buying fruits and veggies.

*I am seriously thinking about switching to an almost exclusive vegetarian life style now since I have absolutely no meat in the house aside from Tuna.

* I am so happy to see this weekend isn't supposed to be cold!

*I was playing on Gizoogle again!

*I am working on a plan to get my life organized starting now. Wish me luck!

*I keep seeing all these blog posts talking about "Blog Drama" but I really don't know what on earth is going on. I mostly use twitter to socialize and while I do post my blog there 3 times a day I don't do too much else so I am lost.

*I made a decision that I am not entering anymore give aways on Blogs. I think it is really nice but I already have about 100 blogs to read daily and that is just not reasonable. I can't follow and unfollow people and frankly, I don't want to annoy my friends on twitter with tweets of give-aways.

-Hot Tamales--I love them! I think they may be the best thing ever!

*I just can't wait for a morning to sleep in past 6am!

*My back yard is a mess and I need a good day to clean and cut and trim. I don't mind this kind of work at all but I really wouldn't mind help someday either!

*I may be using baseball to help me through some difficult life decisions. Thank God the Rangers are always here for me. (Well, except for the off-season but we don't talk about that!)

* I can't believe I almost forgot to include this!  Last night I was talking with my friend Rachel and I realized I am actually closer in age to her youngest sister and brother (who are way, way older than her as she was a surprise baby...probably a really awesome one since her mom calls her an Angel and she has a halo and everything!) than I am to her.  She is 8 years younger than me and her youngest sister is 4 years older and her Bubba is 2 years older.  I don't know if I should laugh or cry.

So that's what's ok with me, how about you?

Blog Challenge: 10 random song shuffles from my iPod. I am warning you...I have very odd taste! Here we go:

*Bing Crosby: Jingle Bells
*Chris Tomlin: Enough
*Brad Paisley: Easy Money
*Maroon 5: Beautiful Goodbye
*Pink: Blow Me (One last kiss)
*Mercy Me: This Life
*Luke Bryan: Harvest Time
*Maroon 5: One Last Time
*Matthew West: The Motions
*Wild Cherry: Play That Funky Music

Oh, dear!! That is a sad little nutty mix of Christian, Country and Crazy! When I am sad or just need to be pumped up, Maroon 5 is my feel good music. When I am feeling lonely I stay away from country radio because there is nothing more depressing than lonely and Blake Shelton love songs however....Luke Bryan can sing to me in just about any mood.

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Rachel said...

I love that you love Luke Bryan now. :) He's so freaking awesome!!!

I could never go vegetarian. I love beef too much...and chicken...and bacon. :)

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Well, I am going to try and eat veg most days but when I go out with friends that isn't likely to happen and it is going to require me to eat chicken/turkey of fish at times because unlike when I was a vegan, I can't eat soy at least...not if I EVER want to have a baby. ;-(
I had this roomie who kind of hit me over the head with Luke Bryan love and it is infectious! He should come with a warning label! Nobody else asks me to shake it for him...or tells me I make his speakers go boom boom!!! What's a girl to do?

Micah said...

As you know, I am also counting on the Rangers to keep me going at this point.

You didn't miss much with the blog drama. It actually helped me clean up my subscriptions. I don't have time for that stuff.

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Twitter has enough drama so I am happy I am ignorant to the blog drama, Micah! Yes, as a friend of mine on Twitter points out in her is my boyfriend. He is ever faithful & never screws up so much I leave him!!

Jessica Estrella said...

Good luck on organizing your life! I am still working on that one! And sorry about all the food, that definitely sucks :( BUT it is a good chance to start all over, too... And giveaways on blogs confuse me. Yeah, they're nice but it's like every other blog has one. What's up with that? It just kinda seems gimicky and a cheap way to get followers.. but for the people who use their blog as their business, I guess it makes sense? And age is just a number! I'm sure you can think of people your age who act like they're 10 years old.. or 10 years younger. Personally I feel/act like I'm in my 70s most days (especially on weekends) and I couldn't be happier!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Haha! Thanks Jessica!!! I was worried about ya. I checked and hadn't seen a post on your blog and was worried you passed out from juicing! Hehe! I am super excited about the chance to start over in the fridge and with my diet and organizing my life so I can spend time later organizing my love life. One step at a time! You my sweet, have plenty of time to be 70 & organized! Have fun and be wild!!!

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