Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blog: Texas Rangers/Texas Tuesday

Monday's game! Oh my! It was a crazy adventure that ended in awesome! What else can I say? I love baseball!
If you missed it or turned it off the Rangers came back and won! Derek Holland didn't have his best stuff but when you win 7 to 6 it doesn't matter.

Rangers Fans!

Simply the best! Texas proud!

I am not from Texas originally and I still love Indiana and the amazing beauty you find in that part of the country. I miss the fall. The people are good and honest but I have lived in Texas for 3/4 of my life and I am proud of the way Texans love America and each other. Yes, there is an abundance of Texas Pride which can be a tiny but silly but I dare say that I have lived in two of the strongest states in America. The people are just plain awesome and giving. We stand with West & Boston as we stood with Newton and Aurora and New York and any number of places over the years.

The University Co-op which is the University of Texas in Austin book store is selling these T's and 100% of the proceeds go to Boston. Mine is on order!

Leaving you with some photos of my hike last night with Rachel at Arbor Hills Preserve. I like this trail for hiking much more than biking.

It was windy...again!

Happy Tuesday!!

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