Thursday, April 18, 2013

Blog Challenge Catch Up: My (DARK??) Secret, Tattoo, and Much more!

Day 11: the last movie I saw was

I think by now everyone has read my blog about 42 and know I loved it but if not, please see the movie.

Day 12: something I don't leave the house without is my cell phone. There is no question I am lost without it. I love my iPhone 5 so much that if it were a would be the perfect man. I can't live happily without it!

Day 13: my piercing and tattoos:
I have double pierced ears and this

I have a bad habit of sitting on my left leg so the ankle is always red.

14. Something I miss from my childhood: I miss a lot but I don't miss anything more than I miss my daddy. He died of cancer 8 weeks after my 5th birthday. I can't explain how big of a hole that leaves in a little girl's heart. I think in many ways that is why I have never let myself love a man...or when I do, I always pick men who leave me. It is easier to accept that I am unlovable than face the truth that I self-sabotage by building walls and letting myself fall head over heels for men who are either hung up on their ex-wife or just not sure what it is they want. I miss my dad. I miss having a healthy relationship with a man. I miss feeling safe and secure and loved and normal. I miss feeling close to someone. I miss hugs and I miss love.

Day 15: a confession or secret:
I have a rule: no baseball crushes! Other sports I don't take seriously but baseball is my game. It is my passion and it is serious. I broke my rule.

Joe Nathan is my crush! I admit it! I love him.  I know he is married.  I don't care.  I love him and his silly facial hair and his bad taste in football teams.

Day 16: what I wore today:

Excuse my's raining!

Day 17: what book could you read over and over!

My grandmother & my mother introduced me to this and the sequel "A White Bird Flying". I don't know anyone not related to me who has read them. I am named after Laura Deal. True Story!

Day 18: a TV show that you recently became addicted to:

            The VOICE!!!!

Love it! Can't get enough of it!! Blake, Adam, Usher, Shakira.  I started watching last season but this season is just so darn good!

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