Monday, April 8, 2013

Mobile Monday:Opening Weekend Part 1 Plus Challenge

Seriously I took so many pictures this weekend it is INSANE!

Let's start with the home opener on Friday:

Tailgating with Chance and his crew!!  It was really nice of these Young Guns to let an old lady hang with them.  They are fun, sweet, and they like BEER!!!

My Friends were in the HOUSE!!!
Top left: mom and me
Top Right: with Rachel & Monica
Bottom Left: Chance
Bottom right: I finally got to meet Travis! This was totally awesome because he bikes and we talked baseball & bikes! That's a win!

There was some ignoring of Josh Hamilton happening in front of me. There was shopping! I couldn't say no to a very Cubs like Rangers T! I had all of my swag working and I got a free T from Chevrolet!!

They always do such a nice job Opening Day! Here are the giant flag, Robbie Parker and his family were there to throw out the 1st pitch. Robbie grew up in Arlington and is a Rangers fan and used to bring his daughter Emilee to games. His daughter went to Sandy Hook elementary and she was lost in December.
The fly over is always awesome.
I may have had some beer, too!


This is most of my Scooby Gang!!! I love my Rangers Friends.  They make me laugh!
TL: Julie, Rachel. Me
TR: Me. Brandon, Khrystal
BL: one good looking group!
BR: Khrystal took this cute picture of her & Brandon

Me plus some of the Hamilton aimed marketing! Me in my new hat...I had a bad hair weekend going although for some reason, everywhere I went guys were flirting with me all weekend.  I hate my hair curly but I may need to re-examine this!  Hmmmm!  Also, after eating bunchs of junk all weekned, there will be some serious re-examining of the diet.  It is time to let go of the past and live for today and for me and only me!

We won Friday, Lost Saturday & won Sunday. The Rangers fans stepped up this weekend. The park was off the hook loud and the fans were amazing! Rangers fans are just the best in the WORLD! We love our team and we love our baseball and when we are attacked, we fight back. Baseball Town!  This was by far the best Opening Week in my life.  I had more fun this weekend!  It is mostly because the friends I have make it so special.  That and I love my team and I promised myself that this year, I am going to enjoy every moment of baseball and nothing and nobody is going to make me sad at Rangers Ballpark!!!! 

Okay that enough for one blog. I will catch you up on Sunday, today & tomorrow Tuesday & Wednesday.

Today's blog challenge is a screen shot of my lock or home screen here are both:

My two favorite things!

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