Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What I'm Loving: Wild Card Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day!

Time to link up with Jamie  for What I'm Loving Wednesday.

Here's what I love:

*This Blog I wrote yesterday that had me in tears and freed me. I can't tell you how finally letting go of something I should never have tried to hang on to has made a difference in just a few hours.

*that going to bed early and missing a Rangers game on the West Coast can happen without dramatic consequences.

*the number of amazing, kind, sweet, loving, supportive people I have met in the last month.

*I can't help but feel I have made so much progress. I have grown so much. There is a reason for everything.

*the speed that my income tax return came back. I may have waited until the last minute but it didn't matter. 10 days is amazing given the 6-8 weeks it use to take.

*getting current on bills

*A great friend of mine texted me a week ago these words "You are so hard on yourself." He probably has no idea what seeing those words from someone who isn't my mom did. He is right, I am. I have decided to stop torturing myself with my short comings and start to celebrate my best qualities.

*my dogs! They make me smile & drive me crazy but I love them!

*letting myself relax about stuff. I stress way too much!

*deciding to take a real vacation this year and go somewhere that I can relax and not worry. I haven't decided where. I don't know if I am going alone or with friends. I don't even know where. I just know, this will happen! I haven't gone anywhere in years. It is past time to enjoy being free!

*knowing beyond all doubt that God has something amazing waiting for me. I love Him, so very much!

*80's Pop. Enough said.

Pictures I love:

My oldest niece Laurel (the oldest Triplet) winning her volleyball championship!

She is way too much like me for her own good but she is do sweet!

Hiking with Rachel (did I post these yesterday? I can't even remember! I'm old!)

We had so much fun and she introduces me to the nicest people!

It was windy but so pretty and we plan to do it again! I may go alone tonight.

My timehop this morning had the banner I created for my Christ Renews His Parish mission weekend! I love my design and it has made me think about starting to draw again. I need an outlet for my creative side.

How much seeing these photos from the tailgate make me smile!

I tried to make Khrystal's fresh salsa. Mine wasn't as good but I am not done tweaking it. I totally forgot peppers...because I never eat them!

Breakfast today. Making some healthy changes to see if I need a juicer!

These gentle reminders!

This is my plan once I get off work Saturday! I can't wait!!

Linking up for Wild Card Wed!

Thought for the Day: there is a reason everything happens. Trust that God has a perfect plan and do your job...make yourself a better person.

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Jessica said...

Nice! What a positive post :) And I'm jealous you already got your return back and if I remember your blog post correctly, I totally think I did mine before you haha I need it to come soon though so I can finally update my hair- my roots are outrageous right now

And good for you for going on a vacation! I love traveling on my own sometimes more than friends- it's so much more freeing and you're more open to meeting people and enjoying quiet time too

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

I e-filed on the 15th! I am happy/shocked!
I know yesterday's post was probably a little too much but I just became overwhelmed. I am 200% better today.
Believe it or not, I am a little shy. At least for about 5 minutes until I get to know you then it all hangs out! Lol
Have a great day!

Micah said...

You can always come to Iowa. :) We have minor league baseball!

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

Can we see Fiekd of Dreams?? Lol

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