Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekend Happies: Me, horses, fish, Yu Darvish and Dirk Nowitzki


Calf Ropping

This is actually part of the opening ceremony

They give out scholarships to teens who can catch and corral calves.

The Ft. Worth Star Telegram had a booth and the photos were awesome.  I may have been fascinated by the sports!


Wagon racing.

Some cute horses

Me with my Rangers happy!

I love this photo. Once in a while the iPhone does good!

Such a cute baby!

This was a fun and full weekend.....

Saturday we went to the Ft. Worth Stock show and rodeo.   It was my 1st time.  I have to say that the day was amazing.  We had such a great time walking around and seeing the amazing animals plus the rodeo was cool.  Not exactly baseball cool, but it was great.  After trip number one to Walmart we came home and did yard work which doesn't sound exciting but we got so many bags of leaves and just junk out of my flower beds which let me get in there Sunday.....
These are the 2 newest members of our family.  I am thinking of calling them Andrus and Beltre.   I think we are all going to have our own names for them but naming them after Elvis Andrus and Adrian Beltre works for me!  

Sunday we managed to get a bunch of pansies (Trip number 2 to Walmart) planted in the flower beds that we cleaned on Saturday and we planted onions.  Onions are probably my favorite veggie but I have never tried to grow food.  Before now it has always been flowers. 

A little administration time:
I have decided to share photos on my blog that don't include any of the kids.  I am worried about protecting my family.   I think it is safer that way and I would prefer to keep the kiddos safe.   You never know who is reading the blog.  This is a decision I have been debating for a while.  Most of the photos I have used in the past have been blurry or out of focus for a reason.  Still, you can't be too careful these days.  I am not posting those to Twitter, either if anyone cares.  From here on out my Facebook will be the only place you will find my family photos and it's private.   I feel like this is necessary for a variety of reason.  I hope you understand.   (This won't include Ries, Sadie, Andrus or Beltre but if anyone tries to hurt them, I will just take them out.)

Alright, that's all I have for the weekend.   What fun stuff did you do?   Happy Monday.....just try.

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