Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Liars, Cheaters, and Stalkers

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There are certain behaviors in our society that have wear me out. I am an honest person. It takes too much energy to lie and in the end, you are only kidding yourself. Let me explain. Most people are terrible liars. They over explain themselves and give it away. Honest people don't feel the need to explain away their actions. Liars always do. I have no time for liars.

Cheating comes in many forms. The obvious form is cheating on your significant other but it is more significant than that. Cheaters can be business people who stab others in the back to get to the top, people who play by no rules, people who work really hard to ruin other peoples plans or lives just to make themselves look good. Cheaters are the scum of society. I dated a cheater once (I didn't know at the time...stupid me) and in the end, he only ended up hurting himself. God has a funny way of making sure people get what's coming to them and cheaters have an extra special place in Hell!

Stalking is my newest pet peeve. I have been stalked a few times in the past. We all do it to some extent, I suppose. We check a friend's Facebook if we haven't heard from them or read a boyfriend's twitter feed occasionally. That is mild in comparison to what I have experienced which has gone from people trying spying on me to find out what's going on by reading my social media to people showing up at places I was at when I checked in somewhere. Both are childish, annoying and borderline crazy behaviors and are more a reflection on the people that do them than me. It's also incredibly dangerous and could require legal action if it doesn't stop.

I guess what people who behave this way need to understand is that they will never come out on top. They may have a temporary moment but at some point everyone will see them for who they are and nobody will feel sorry for them if they get exactly what they deserve. They usually do get exactly what they deserve.

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Steve O said...

You are so right. I dislike liars too. Even worse are bullies- like those that, when angry, would take a walker away from a handicapped person- there is a place in hell for those.

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

I understand that would be a terrible experience and I am sorry that happened. I also understand that emotions run high and things are said and done at those times that people regret later.

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

I hope that at some point everything heals and things can be focused on the innocent party involved. I just don't want any more pain for anyone.

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