Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Time Capsule plus Jan. Fitness update

When I started this fitness challenge I had no clue I was going to get the flu and be sick for over a week and counting. I haven't had the flu in probably 15 years so I blame a compromised immune system due to surgery Dec. 19. I don't believe in the flu shot mostly because the last time I had the flu, I had gotten the flu shot. There are other reasons for me not getting the Flu Shot but that's another blog got another time. My fitness is on hold until I can breath again and if I can walk around the block this week, it's a win!

Meanwhile we cleaned out a suitcase in my closet last night and among my forgotten treasures a 23 cent stamp...how much are they now?

And a 1956 McCalls!

This was the best thing! I knew I had it but totally forgot it. My boyfriend and I had a blast looking at the ads and articles.

Including why fad diets like the Hay Diet below fail. They recommended the not revolutionary cutting calories and portion control method to lose weight. This magazine is over 57 years old and they are exposing the same failed diet industry that we have today. This leads me to think...we just never learn!

There were articles on Teens and why they have issues communicating with parents. With the exception of the bullet point about the kids not liking the people mom and dad fix them up on dates with (WHAT?) everything was very normal. So, teens today have very similar (although way more complicated) lives, I guess.

There were other articles too. How to get the spark back in your marriage. Remember how great that 1st year was, before life got so complicated and tied to responsibility?

The ads were the best. I should have taken more photos but my boyfriend laughed when he saw the women in skirts and bras advertising the 18 hour bras my grandmothers wore.

My favorite ads were the Pillsbury and Betty Crocker cake ads and Campbell's soup. I never knew anyone are tomato soup for breakfast until now!

If you ever come across one of these old magazines at a garage sale...snap it up! I am eventually going to get a protective case for this one. Such an amazing part of Americana!

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