Friday, January 17, 2014

Drink a Beer

Luke Bryan-Drink a Beer
I got a little to excited yesterday because I felt slightly better Wednesday and totally crashed and ended up back at the doctor.   If you end up unlucky enough to get the flu just plan on taking a week off so you don't end up with Pneumonia.   I am now fighting to not get that too.  No fun. Breathing treatments, inhalers, prescription cough medicine, chest pressure and stuck in bed is not the weekend I had planned...again.
So what does that have to do with Luke Bryan?  Nothing except that he is coming to Dallas in the fall and I am going.  I had a good friend at one time who is a big LB fan and I signed up for his fan club so I could make sure we got tickets.  Unfortunately, I have lost touch with her but luckily I have several Luke loving new and old friends who are ready to take advantage of my presale ability as a fan club member.   Yay for presale because this and Garth are the two concerts I don't want to miss.  Drink a Beer is my favorite Luke Bryan song.  It reminds me of how precious friends are in your life and how you should never take them for granted.   Loving people means accepting that they may not always be a part of your life.  You have two choices, not to love or to love and take the risk of losing them.   Luckily, God answers prayers in time and I truly believe the people meant to be in your life, are. 
The Hunger Games Trilogy
I have been reading the Hunger Games at night after J goes to sleep.   Oddly, I can't seem to find a minute to read if he is awake.   I have seen The Hunger Games.  I own it, but I hadn't read the books.  I decided that, mostly because I am amazed by the number of books everyone who blogs read, I am going to set a modest goal for 2014 and work on a book a month.   If I get more than 12 in, it will be a miracle.   I also agreed with myself that Catching Fire will have to wait until either, J's daughter makes me go see it or I finish reading the book.  Since I am still reading The Hunger Games, I better get on it!  The book is so good!  I forget sometimes how much more insight into characters you get when you read. 
Finding Hope: Update
A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about The Biggest Decision I Never Made and I was extremely upset at the time.  I got several very nice messages and a lot of support from friends suggesting that they were praying for me to find peace.  While I can't say what has changed because the pain is still too real, I will say that I have managed to find some peace.  I don't think I have given up on a dream, I think I have just reconsidered the dream and the definition of family. I also remembered that God has His own plans and to trust them. 
Super Bowl:
Is anyone planning a Super Bowl Party?  I have a small house so we invited about 12 friends/couples over hoping that about half of them were free and that seems to be about the number we will end up having.  Still waiting on a few people to decide if they are available or not. We are having our 1st party as a couple.   Kind of strange.   I have planned a great menu and taken some time off work to finish cleaning and cook.  I am really excited to have more of my friends meet J.  He has been a big hit with all the friends who have met him.  He and my bestie finally met a few weeks ago and she was very positive.   I love that everyone sees what I see in him.   He is a special guy. 
Alright y'all have a great weekend and if you get the chance to Drink a Beer with a friend, do it with the full appreciation of how special good friends are and how lucky you are to have precious people in your life. 
Oh, I think I am done tinkering with the blog for a bit.  I like how the new platform looks and I found some good sites to help me finally get it cleaned up but I have to make sure I have the right programs on my laptop...which by the way, I have finally started posting my blog from.   How exciting!

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Katie said...

I loved the Hunger Games trilogy. I have a feeling that when you get to the end of the first one, you'll want to dive right in to #2. And even more so into #3 since #2 has quite the cliffhanger! I do love reading the books more than the movies-- for some reason I have so much more focus when reading than watching a movie. I can sit for a whole day and read, but I get antsy watching a 2 hour movie. Weird. But yes, you do get into their heads so much more in a book, so maybe that's why I love them more. Hope you feel better ASAP!!

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