Saturday, January 25, 2014

Deep thoughts...or not really?

Enjoy the ride is my personal motto. I wish I had more time to be on my bike so I could get out to North Shore and spend some QT alone enjoying this beautiful scene but I did something I have been wanting to a long time...I got a personalized cell cover and it had my favorite photo of Skye overlooking the lake. I am looking forward to spending some hard miles mountain biking this spring and summer. Can't wait to share this with some amazing friends. I miss my bike and I miss my bike buddies!

Oh and I can't wait to spend a lot of time here!! I miss this place so hard! Baseball season is coming soon and I am so psyched for Opening Day. March 31st is going to be an amazing day and a lot of fun. Can't wait to hang with my favorite baseball gang!

So many people waste so much energy trying to lift themselves up while putting others down. I have been frustrated, annoyed, and exhausted by these people until I realized, they work so hard trying to do these things because they are unhappy. I feel sorry for them really. If they would spend half he energy working on themselves that they spend trying to get to the rest of us, they may be happy.

Nobody has a perfect life. We all have problems. We all have challenges be they physical, mental, health, love, monetary or a combo of the above. I sat by and watched life for a long time thinking I didn't deserve to live it. I finally realized that nobody owes me anything except me. Everyone else is too wrapped up in their own problems to care about mine. Nobody is going to pity me or take care of me. I take care of myself. I work hard and I live right. I am not perfect but I am a good person. I'm not easy but I am worth it and so is happiness. Nobody else can make me happy. Just me.

This just makes me laugh. Nothing else needs to be said.

I am making my Super Bowl pick...okay I made this pick in Sept. I stand by my man! What can I say? I may also have this shirt...we will see.

I think you all can think of someone to share this with! ;-)

My life has changed a lot in the last 3 months but it just gets better. I appreciate everything and everyone who is a part of my life and I don't take a minute of it for granted. Life can change in the blink of an eye. Mine did. I have met so many amazing new friends in the last couple of months and they have been amazingly supportive. I also have some amazing old friends. I made a choice to focus on my blessings. I can't change the past and I can't be responsible for how anyone else views me or my choices. God knows the truth and He knows my heart. I am happy that these are the good old days and I look forward to years of them.

Hate away. Nobody is going to get to me. It's a total waste of energy trying.


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