Thursday, January 16, 2014

Time for a facelift!!!

Have you figured out yet that I get easily bored?  No? 

I woke up early Wednesday morning and started playing with my blog.   Before I knew it, I had a whole new blog.   Yes, I branched out a little this time and I am not sure that I am finished but I went in a totally different and completely female direction.   I want to add a tool bar with my info like all you fancy bloggers but, sadly, I haven't figured out how to do that yet.   I can't believe my blog is about to turn 2 years old.  

I kind of love it

I wish it were as easy to give me a facelift as it is my blog.

Flu recovery:

Speaking of me needing a facelift, I am finally starting to recover from the flu.   If you have been lucky enough to avoid it, count your blessings.  I have had the flu three times in the last 25 years and that is way more than I want in the next 25.    I swear it is a evil plot of nature.  Just when you start to get comfortable with the fact you haven't had the flu and think you are invincible, the flu gets you and you remember how incredibly miserable it is.  Shout out to version 2013 for being a pain.   I am down to having headaches, a cough and daily exhaustion, only after 9 days.

Once I can breath without dying I am going to get back to my fitness goals for 2014.  In the meantime I am furiously looking for good scallop recipes and looking forward to making some spaghetti squash for my honey.  We trade off cooking and argue over who gets to cook not who has to cook.   Sadly, I don't know which of us is a better cook.   We have different styles (As in, I actually enjoy my food cooked by methods not known as frying) but we are both good cooks.   I am looking for an incredible recipe for scallops so if anyone has any great ideas, let me know.   I am leaning toward a Scallop and Avocado concoction yet to be narrowed down. 

Okay, just a short one today but tell me what you think of the new look to the blog.   Enlighten me with your wisdom!!  Happy Thursday.

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