Thursday, January 23, 2014

My diet lately: Rut City!

Somehow lately I have gotten in a very specific rut when it comes to what's on my diet.

This is 1/3

This is 1/3 and the final 1/3 is water sometimes sugar free tea for a change. Ok, who am I kidding I gave 1 cup of coffee at the office.

Surprisingly my calorie intake on this diet is very low although I am sure my sodium intake is off the charts. This means my pants are falling off but the scale hasn't moved in 2 weeks and that is including the time I had the flu was eating nothing but soup.

I started walking again and now it's freezing but I am going to get some form of workout in daily. Aside from that, how do you break out of a diet rut? I'm all ears! I'm getting a little annoyed and wanting to dive into a cheeseburger, head first.

Don't mind me, I will just be sitting I chewing a piece of jerky a million times!

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