Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekend beating and fitness challenge

Okay so I'm already playing catch up on my challenge.

This is my inspiration! How beautiful is this? This is North Shore.

This was my cardio and probably will be for a few days. I have been striping the cleaner build up off my floors.

It makes a world of difference but is basically a hands and knees process.

Aside from this I spent most of Saturday taking down Christmas decorations and we took them to storage Sunday.

We went to Sam's Sunday and I probably won't need to go to the store for a month! That place is dangerous. Especially when they have the "taste it" ladies out.

Aside from that, we watched a lot of football. Personally, I am all in for Peyton and the Broncos but the games this weekend were pretty amazing!

Fitness-wise I ordered a fitness band last week and some Paleo bread and wraps. I am excited to get these products and I will share them when they come in!

Alright just a quick update today because cleaning and shopping isn't that exciting.

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