Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Jambalaya Wednesday!

I am going to skip cardio until I have something more exciting than me stripping floors which works up a sweat but isn't pretty!

My lunch is one of these. It depends on my mood. Right now I am just concentrating on protein in.

Here is a quick look at my Pinterest activity:

Funny but true!

Life and God:

Food-Mostly Paleo.

Not Paleo but I have a potluck to cook for.

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Katie said...

I wish I could like sweet potatoes-- especially since they're the only "paleo-approved" potato. But they're TOO sweet! They taste like dessert to me... Oh well.

Laura @Simply Me, The way I see it said...

I use to feel that way but I started putting Cayanne pepper and salsa on them to spice them up and when I did that, the spicy outweighed he sweet. I don't like sweet potato chips unless I make them because people don't put enough Garlic or Cayanne on to make the sweet not so powerful. Try baking them with more potent spice if you haven't done that. I bet there are a ton of things on Pinterest

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