Friday, March 1, 2013

Blog Update: I suck

Do you ever think you are finally in the perfect place in your life and God, the Universe, your personal and professional life are finally coming together to make everything go right only to have the rug pulled out from under you over and over? Welcome to my 2013!

So how do you handle it? The first sucker punch I got this year came with tears, wine, hugs from friends, more tears, more wine and chocolate. The second came yesterday and I skipped all the calories and just cried and went to bed.

My mom called me very excited. It seems they bought a new house. Hold on, what? I didn't even know they were looking at homes and they closed on a new house. They closed on a new house in Rockwall which is an hour and a half away from me but 10 minutes from my brother. I have not handled this well. I feel like I have lost my family. I can't help it. My brother has the kids and I have....dogs. So I lost. I lost my mom, my nephew and my nieces yesterday.

This is what I get for being 42 years old and not married with kids by now. I can't help that I suddenly feel so broken and worthless. That's how I feels

I'm not moving to Rockwall. MY life is on this side of town. My job, my friends, my house. I won't move again unless I get married (not holding my breath the way my love life is going) and I won't move East. I have no desire to live on that side of the metroplex. I am central right now. I live in the north middle. I can get to Arlington, Ft Worth, and Dallas within an hour. I am not moving across town.

After thinking about this, I suppose the easiest thing to do is just not tell my family when I am going to make life altering decisions.  When I get married I will send them a post card from the honeymoon.  When my child is born I will invite them to the 1st birthday party.  If I move, I will just send them a change of address text message, eventually.   If they don't feel the need to tell me they are dating, getting married, or moving until after it happens, why should I tell them anything I am doing?  Seems fair. 

Sorry this is two suck blogs in a row. That's just the way life goes at times.

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